Henry Curr Keynote Speaker

  • Economics editor of The Economist
  • Author of memorable cover stories such as “The Fed that Failed” And “Are Free Markets History?”
  • Visiting Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford and a previous winner of the Society of Professional Economists’ Rybczinski Prize for Economics Writing.

Henry Curr's Biography

Henry Curr is the Economics Editor for The Economist, overseeing their economics coverage and writing many of their world-renowned leaders, briefings and special reports

Henry has written or contributed to some 30 cover stories at The Economist, including stories on labour markets, public debt and the future of global commerce. He has written extensively about the effect of tensions between the US and China and the trouble with “homeland economics” and green protectionism.

He led the magazine’s economics coverage through the pandemic, the return of inflation, the energy crisis and the US banking crisis of 2023.   He is the author of memorable cover stories such as “The Fed that Failed” (which accurately warned that US interest rates would need to rise above 5%) and “Are Free Markets History?” (on the rise of industrial policy).

Another special report, published in Autumn 2022, presciently warned that the combination of ageing societies, rising defence spending, the green transition and debt-interest costs would lead to a loose-fiscal, tight-money regime.

Henry joined The Economist as Britain economics correspondent in 2014 and was the magazine’s main writer on the American economy from 2015-18, a period that included the first monetary tightening since the global financial crisis and the Trump tax cuts. He often appears on television and radio and he moderates and speaks at events. His experience includes on-stage discussions with Nobel-prizewinners and former prime ministers, appearing as a panelist at the International Monetary Fund and Brookings Institution, chairing conferences and giving presentations to asset managers and private-equity firms on the state of the global economy.

Henry is a visiting fellow of Nuffield College at the University of Oxford. In 2021 he was awarded the Society of Professional Economists’ Rybczynski Prize for his essay on quantitative easing.  He was highly commended in the “Journalism of the Year” category at the prestigious Wincott Awards for business, economic and financial journalism. The Wincott Foundation commented that Henry ‘ asked the big questions about the global economy and answered them in a thoughtful and thought-provoking manner’.


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Henry Curr's Speaking Topics

  • The trouble with homeland economics:

How protectionism and industrial policy will slow the green transition and make us all poorer.

  • The age of supply shocks:

What more volatile global politics mean for inflation and growth.

  • Between Uncle Sam and the dragon:

Why the "transactional 25" countries are crucial to the world economy's future.

  • Central banking without banks:

From the dash-for-cash to CBDCs.

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Videos of Henry Curr

Engaging investors: AIC UK Conference 2022 session 1
Engaging investors: AIC UK Conference 2022 session 1
Premier Preview: An Update from The Economist
Premier Preview: An Update from The Economist
A Fair Shot
A Fair Shot

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Comments & Testimonials

The group really enjoyed the session with you. You set up the key themes well with just a few slides and we appreciated your willingness to engage with the group by responding to their many questions with candor, insight and in an easy-to-understand manner. While predicting the future can often be a fool’s errand, you helped us think through the potential scenarios that are likely to impact the business environment in front of us.
Private equity CFO roundtable
He was a big highlight of the event and everyone I spoke to loved his session and the survey feedback we’ve received has also reflected this
Investment Conference
I greatly appreciated the insight you were able to provide to members and I know from talking to many of them during the afternoon they found the session very useful
Association of Investment Companies
Thank you once again for your stellar Global Business Luncheon presentation for the World Affairs Council of Jacksonville. We are continuing to receive many compliments on your talk.
World Affairs Council
Henry Curr.... asked the big questions about the global economy and answered them in a thoughtful and thought-provoking manner
Wincott Foundation

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