Heidi Hackemer Speaker

Heidi Hackemer Keynote Speaker

  • Executive Director of Climate/Culture Lab - Oatly
  • Former Strategy Director - Bartle Bogle Hegarty (2008-2011)
  • Former VP of Engagement - Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Heidi Hackemer's Biography

Heidi Hackemer is a highly sought-after speaker and strategic leader. She has built an impressive career in business, spearheading initiatives that increase efficiency and growth. She has held leadership positions in sales, marketing, and operations and understands the importance of building a solid team that can achieve great things. Heidi is also an inspirational team builder, recognised for her ability to create a positive work environment that encourages collaboration and productivity.

In late 2020, Heidi joined Oatly, an organisation that produces alternative dairy products from oats. Initially appointed as an Executive Creative Director, she’s currently the concurrent Executive Director of the Climate and Culture Lab, seeking and carryings out ground-breaking initiatives to help Oatly establish a vastly improved future.

As a serial entrepreneur, Heidi has founded several companies mainly focused on strategic planning. In 2019, she founded Zwolf Strategy, working with top executives and various organisations, including Lululemon, Cornell University and Blue Meridian Partners, to solve their most complex problems. She founded Wolf and Wilhelmine in 2014, working with significant conglomerates such as Google, Nike and Bacardi to make a genuine difference using brand awareness and strategic insights. Heidi’s earliest entrepreneurial venture was as the co-founder of The Creative Alliance, where they developed the framework and gathered expertise to link effective programmes with effective marketers, technologists, designers, and communicators to change the nation by energising communities.

Heidi has also worked as the Vice President of Engagement for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and the Director of Brand for Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group. As a strategist, she has worked for Bartle Bogle Hegarty, Fallon London, Draftfcb and as a freelancer.

Heidi is a dynamic entrepreneur and strategic leader passionate about inspiring teams to achieve great things. She has spoken at numerous events worldwide and is known for her engaging and inspirational speeches. Her clients appreciate her ability to help them see the big picture and develop long-term strategies to help them achieve their goals.

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Videos of Heidi Hackemer

Don't Be An @$$hole
Don't Be An @$$hole
Taking Responsibility for Your Community
Taking Responsibility for Your Community
Ridiculously Good Creative Feedback
Ridiculously Good Creative Feedback
Protecting your People
Protecting your People
Working with Those that are Doing the Work
Working with Those that are Doing the Work
Strategy Supper Club: Learning and Hacking the 4C's
Strategy Supper Club: Learning and Hacking the 4C's

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