Harper Reed

Harper Reed Keynote Speaker

  • Chief Technology Officer, Obama for America 2012
  • Entertaining and insightful keynote speaker
  • Head of Commerce, Braintree, a PayPal Company (2015-2018)

Harper Reed's Biography

Harper Reed is a keynote speaker who predicts the future for a living. He travels widely showing people the possibilities of tech and sharing his experiences to propel the greater good, all while raising the level of fun in the room.

Harper’s role as Head of Commerce and as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence allowed him to guide teams into the thrilling future of e-commerce. The technology that Harper developed as co-founder at startup Modest Inc. had initially garnered the attention of PayPal, which led them to acquire Modest only a few years after launch.

Harper also believes the talent of a great bunch of humans can transform an organization like nothing else, and he uses that belief to strengthen, deploy, and inspire every team he works with. Previously, Harper was the Chief Technology Officer of the Obama 2012 campaign, where he was the first to bring the mentality and connective capabilities of tech to the political stage. He was also the CTO of Threadless.com, where he pioneered crowdsourcing and grew the company from a 12 person startup to a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Harper is a fellow at the MIT Media Lab Director’s and he also sits on the advisory boards for IIT Computer Science, the Royal United Service Institute, and Cornell College.

Harper can speak on the following topics:

  • The impact of digital technology on business;
  • Big Data;
  • Building creative and innovative teams;
  • Nurturing a startup mindset;
  • Cybersecurity.
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Videos of Harper Reed

Keynote: Serial data geek Harper Reed @ HEDNA 2018
Keynote: Serial data geek Harper Reed @ HEDNA 2018
Statewide Keynote: Harper Reed
Statewide Keynote: Harper Reed
Harper Reed: The vital shift from big data to big answers
Harper Reed: The vital shift from big data to big answers
Chartwell Bites - Harper Reed (2020)
Chartwell Bites - Harper Reed (2020)

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Comments & Testimonials

He was great at setting the tone for the day with his energy... His experience and examples from real-life furthermore were thought-provoking

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