Haroon Malik Keynote Speaker

  • Cyber Security Expert
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Expert on the Human and Cultural Aspects of Cyber Security

Haroon Malik's Biography

Haroon Malik has spent over 15 years building security strategies to protect some of the world’s largest brands. An expert on the human and cultural side of cyber security, Haroon has led international teams and served as a trusted advisor to several boards and security advisory panels. 

Haroon is frequently called upon by executive teams to provide cyber intelligence and achieve business oriented cyber security solutions. 

He is dedicated to educating industry professionals about cyber security and the need to empower employees to be better prepared to confidently handle cybersecurity threats, create and manage strong security programs, and understand ever-evolving threat landscape. He has a passion for sharing his excitement and vast knowledge with current and future cybersecurity professionals. Haroon has delivered multiple keynotes and has been featured in several top-tier security publications such as SC Magazine. His core topics and keynote titles all share one common trait – he delivers them with energy, humour and deep relevance to your audience. 


Speaking Topics 

  • Cyber security – an issue we cannot ignore
  • The human aspect of cyber security
  • Cyber security for boards and executives 


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Enterprise and Cyber Security
Enterprise and Cyber Security

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