Hanli Prinsloo Keynote Speaker

  • Ocean adventurer and champion freediver
  • Founding CEO, I Am Water Foundation
  • Expert on mind over body consciousness

Hanli Prinsloo's Biography

Hanli Prinsloo is a multiple South African freediving record holder and Founder of I AM WATER Ocean Conservation. Growing up on a horse farm in rural South Africa her love of nature and the human need for wilderness were instilled at an early age. With a background in social-political documentary filmmaking, Hanli has travelled the world seeking and telling stories of transformation, hope and inspiration.

Hanli excelled at competitive freediving and is a sought-after coach having worked with professional rugby players, cyclists, runners and big wave surfers. At present her energy is channeled into ocean conservation through human experience, reconnecting people with nature through the innovative I AM WATER Foundation’s ocean workshops offered to underserved coastal communities globally.

As co-founder of for profit company I AM WATER Ocean Travel, she also takes paying clients on extraordinary ocean adventures around the world, teaching yoga, freediving and big animal interactions as a fundraising tool for the work of the foundation. Her personal quest of freediving with marine megafauna has resulted in numerous exhibitions, films and articles about the human/animal connection. She is an acclaimed international speaker, Young Global Leader under the WEF and a Dangote Fellow. Hanli draws from her ocean lessons learnt to discuss risk, fear and limiting assumptions in all walks of life.

Hanli offers both keynote presentations as well as extraordinary breath work sessions done live or virtually. Using the techniques learned from years of freediving and yoga practice, her breathing workshops can be used for two diverse purposes. One workshop focuses on deep relaxation, mindfulness and visualisation techniques while the other accesses principles of mental strength through breath hold. These workshops are completely safe and accessible to anybody. A one hour session can include both a short breath work session and a keynote presentation.

Topics covered in Hanli’s keynote speeches:

  • The human connection to the ocean
  • Competitive career
  • Fear and our relationship with it
  • Mental strength
  • Finding purpose and meaning
  • The importance of the ocean on human life on earth
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Videos of Hanli Prinsloo

Strength and salt water
Strength and salt water
Freediver Hanli Prinsloo on ocean conservation
Freediver Hanli Prinsloo on ocean conservation

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