Guy Caruso Keynote Speaker

  • Administrator, US Energy Information Administration (2002-08)
  • Senior Adviser, Energy and National Security Program, CSIS
  • Leading US expert on global energy markets and security

Guy Caruso's Biography

Guy Caruso is one the United States’ leading experts on global energy markets, policy and security. From 2002 to 2008 he served as administrator of the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the statistical agency within the US Department of Energy (DOE) that provides independent data, forecasts, and analyses regarding energy.

Before leading the EIA, Caruso had acquired over 30 years of energy experience. He first joined the DOE as a senior energy economist in the Office of International Affairs and soon became director of the Office of Market Analysis. Other leadership roles at the DOE included director of the Office of Oil and Natural Gas Policy in the Office of Domestic and International Energy Policy and director of the Office of Energy Emergency Policy Evaluation. Prior to joining DOE, Caruso worked at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as an international energy economist in the Office of Economic Research.

In addition, before joining the EIA, Caruso was also director of the National Energy Strategy (NES) project for the US Energy Association (USEA). During this time, he spearheaded the USEA publication Toward a National Energy Strategy, which was released in February 2001, and a follow-up study entitled National Energy Strategy Post 9/11, which was released in July 2002. In January 2008, he was awarded the French National Order of Merit.

Caruso is currently a senior adviser in the Energy and National Security Program at CSIS, having served as executive director of the CSIS Strategic Energy Initiative from 1998 to 2000.

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Videos of Guy Caruso

Best Practices (2011)
Best Practices (2011)
Guy Caruso on Energy (2013)
Guy Caruso on Energy (2013)

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