Guenther Dueck Keynote Speaker

  • German Philosopher and Mathematician
  • IBM Distinguished Engineer; Chief Technology Officer, IBM Germany (2009-11)
  • Best-selling Author


Professor Dr. Guenther Dueck is a German mathematician and author of ideological and philosophical non-fiction.

Until 2011, Prof. Dr. Dueck served in IBM as a Distinguished Engineer, having joined the company back in 1987 to work on the strategy and technological direction of IBM. His most recent position was CTO (Chief Technology Officer), where he led the “Dynamic Infrastructure” and “Cloud Computing” business of IBM Germany.Previously, he was a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Bielefeld, Germany; his theory of identification (invented with R. Ahlswede) won the 1990 IEEE Prize Paper Award of the IEEE Information Theory Society.

Prof. Dr. Dueck is a Fellow of the American Association of Engineering IEEE and a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences in Göttingen. In 2011, Computerwoche named him as one of the top 100 influential persons in the IT and Communications industry.

He has authored some satirical-philosophical books on humans, management and life, many of which are best-sellers. The book “Lean Brain Management – Success and more Efficiency by Zero-Intelligence” was celebrated as the 2006 “Management Book of the Year” by the Financial Times Germany.

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Videos of Guenther Dueck

Beyond Cloud (2014; in German)
Beyond Cloud (2014; in German)
Re:publica: A Call For Metacultural Discourse (2013; in German)
Re:publica: A Call For Metacultural Discourse (2013; in German)

Books by Guenther Dueck

Lean Brain Management: More Success and Efficiency by Saving Intelligence

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