Gro Brundtland Keynote Speaker

  • Norway’s first, and only, Female Prime Minister (1981, 1986-89, 1990-96)
  • Author of the Influential “Brundtland Report” on sustainable development
  • Director General of the World Health Organisation (1998-2003)

Gro Brundtland's Biography

Dr. Gro Brundtland is a highly respected former Norwegian Prime Minister and International envoy.

Dr. Brundtland began her domestic political career as the Norwegian Minister for Environmental Affairs (1974-79). In 1981 she became Norway’s first, and to date, only female Prime Minister, a role she reprised twice more from 1986-89 and 1990-96. During this period she became internationally renowned for the high proportion of female ministers appointed to her cabinet.

Dr. Brundtland has also held leading positions in many international organisations. In 1983 she chaired the World Commission on Environmental Development (WCED) – widely referred to as the “Brundtland Commission”- that resulted in the Our Common Future report, still held as a landmark publication of Sustainable Development. In 1998 Dr. Brundtland, a medical doctor by training, was elected Director-General of the World Health Organisation.

Dr. Brundtland is an active member of many highly influential organisations. These include: The Council of Women World Leaders, which promotes issues of critical importance to women and advocating equitable development, and The Club of Madrid, which is committed to extending democratic governance and leadership. She also serves as deputy chair of The Elders, a group of highly respected former leaders, committed to tackling the worlds toughest problems. The group was brought together in 2007 by Nelson Mandela.

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Videos of Gro Brundtland

Meet the Leader (2013)
Meet the Leader (2013)
On the Role of WHO: A Leader's Perspective (2012)
On the Role of WHO: A Leader's Perspective (2012)

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