Gregor Paterson Jones Keynote Speaker

  • Former Managing Director of The UK Green Investment Bank
  • Independent consultant and expert on investment
  • Advisory Board member for the Coalition for Green Capital

Gregor Paterson Jones's Biography

Gregor Paterson-Jones is an independent financial and investment consultant who is an expert in green and sustainable investment.

He is the former Managing Director of The UK Green Investment Bank, the UK Government’s Domestic Development Bank that was acquired by Macquarie in 2018. He’s also been a Special Advisor to the Executive Director of the United National Capital Development Fund, to the World Bank and is an Advisory Board member for the Coalition for Green Capital, a collection of sovereign owned International Green Banks.

With his experience across energy, investment, fund establishment and deal execution he can share his expertise in any of these sectors to aid institutions to thrive in a modern, challenging climate.

Gregor Paterson-Jones’ career includes 12 years of focus on energy infrastructure transactions, focussing on renewables and development finance. Gregor has also directed teams and organisations through product development, direct investment and transaction management. As a trusted consultant and expert in these industries, he’s held several board positions at investee companies, developed asset management platforms, advised on project debt and equity, as well as managed numerous portfolio exits through listings and refinancing.





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