Gerhard Fasol Keynote Speaker

  • Builds high-tech businesses in Japan, M&A advisor, entrepreneur, worked in Tokyo since 1991
  • Corporate Governance practitioner in Japan: Board Director of listed Japanese cloud platform company GMO Cloud KK
  • Creator and curator, Ludwig Boltzmann Leadership Forum (2008-present)

Gerhard Fasol's Biography

Gerhard Fasol is a physicist and entrepreneur who has worked with Japan’s high-tech sector since 1984. He helps Japanese technology companies globalise, and foreign companies to succeed and grow in Japan, and advises on M&A.

Gerhard is Founder, Producer and CEO of Eurotechnology Japan KK, a technology focused business development firm based in Tokyo. The company focuses on energy, IT and telecommunications and M&A, and works with many foreign companies on their growth in Japan. Clients include NTT-Communications, Siemens, Deutsche Telecom, major investment funds and banks, and venture companies.

Since 2008, Gerhard has organised the Ludwig Boltzmann Symposia, a global platform he founded that brings science and technology to leadership. He has been a Member of the Board of Directors of the publicly listed Japanese company GMO Cloud KK since 2014.

Previously, Gerhard was a faculty member of the Electrical Engineering department of Tokyo University, and was one of the first foreigners to build an international research group in Japan. In addition, Gerhard was the first non-Japanese to complete a “Sakigake” research project at Japan’s Science and Technology Development Corporation.

Gerhard graduated with a PhD in Physics from Cambridge University, Trinity College, was tenured Faculty of Cambridge University and was Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, and was manager of one of Hitachi’s R&D labs.

He is frequently asked to brief VIPs about Japan’s technology sector and is a regular commentator for CNBC, BBC and other global programs on financial results and trends of major technology companies in Japan, Korea, and China. Gerhard is also one of the few non-Japanese who has served as Japanese Government Official.

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Videos of Gerhard Fasol

On Japan's energy policy (2014)
On Japan's energy policy (2014)
Consequences of the hacking scandal at Sony (2011)
Consequences of the hacking scandal at Sony (2011)

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