George Parker Keynote Speaker

  • Political Editor at The Financial Times
  • Former bureau chief in Brussels for the Financial Times
  • Respected Commentator in Politics

George Parker's Biography

George Parker is the Political Editor of the Financial Times, a post he has held since 2007. Previously he was the FT’s bureau chief in Brussels, giving him a rare insight from both the EU and Westminster perspective into the forces and personalities shaping Brexit.

George has covered some of the most dramatic events in recent British politics, including the financial crash of 2008, the coalition government, the Scottish referendum, the EU Brexit referendum and the self-imposed minority government of Theresa May.

His authority on a range of subjects – notably British politics and Brexit – has made him a sought after commentator. He is a regular presenter of Radio 4’s Week in Westminster and has appeared on programmes including BBC1’s Andrew Marr show and R4’s Today programme.

George is a regular speaker and moderator of events, including a recent FT Brexit summit featuring Tony Blair and in a crucial Brexit press conference, in which Theresa May was forced to deny having “George Parker on my mind”.

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Videos of George Parker

Inside Brexit: How Britain lost Europe
Inside Brexit: How Britain lost Europe
U.K Prime Minister has got George Parker on her mind during Brexit.
U.K Prime Minister has got George Parker on her mind during Brexit.

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