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  • Editor Basic Income Forum
  • Chairman Bristol Care Homes
  • Managing Director Technology Market Strategies & Published Author

Geoff Crocker's Biography

Geoff Crocker graduated in economics, specialising in econometrics, public and social economics, and advanced economic theory, with subsidiaries in politics, sociology, and economic history. He worked internationally in technology strategy consulting for major multinational companies, government institutes, and SMEs.

He has subsequently worked in industry strategy for over 25 years, specialising in strategic analysis of international industry sectors with high technology content for senior client management. He has worked throughout Europe, the USA, Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Australasia, the Far East, China and Africa, and is capable of working in French, with some capability in German and Russian. He has an MA in the philosophy of science. He has also led a business development project in Ghana.

Geoff works in UBI advocacy. He has helped initiate a UK research project on the link between technology and UBI, and the creation of a UBI hub.

He edits the web site ‘The Case for Basic Income’ and is the author of ‘A Managerial Philosophy of Technology’ (Palgrave 2012), exploring the impact of technology on the economy. His most recent book is ‘Basic Income and Sovereign Money’ (Palgrave 2020).

His career began in the aerospace sector with Rolls Royce UK and has since included extensive strategy consulting work for major multinationals including IBM, BP, ABB, Yamaha, Kone, Pechiney, Joy Mining Machinery on issues of technology market strategy development and implementation.

Since 1990 he has worked on corporate strategy development for major Russian clients including OMZ, Ilim Pulp, Power Machines Group, Amtel Tyres, and EBRD as well as evaluating the impact of WTO access on a range of industry sectors for the Russian government.

He is the founder and Chairman of Bristol Care Homes, a UK healthcare business. He was chair of the strategy committee of SUEK, Russia’s largest coal producer, from 2005-2006, and chair of SUEK AG from 2006-2011.

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Videos of Geoff Crocker

Basic Income presentation by Geoff Crocker to Asia Pacific Conference 2018
Basic Income presentation by Geoff Crocker to Asia Pacific Conference 2018
An Enlightened Philosophy - Can an Atheist Believe in Anything with Geoff Crocker
An Enlightened Philosophy - Can an Atheist Believe in Anything with Geoff Crocker
Geoff Crocker
Geoff Crocker

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Books by Geoff Crocker

A Managerial Philosophy of Technology: Technology and Humanity in Symbiosis
An Enlightened Philosophy: Can an Atheist Believe Anything?

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