Freddy Macnamara Keynote Speaker

  • CEO of hourly car insurance app, Cuvva
  • Winner of The Digital Broker Award (2017) and The Insurance Start-up Award  (2017)
  • Expert in innovation and leadership

Freddy Macnamara's Biography

Freddy Macnamara is CEO of award-winning hourly car insurance app, Cuvva.

Freddy came up with the idea for Cuvva in 2013 while in a bar, chatting about lending his car to a friend.

“It was ridiculous that you couldn’t borrow a car for an hour, because of the difficulty of getting short-term cover,” he says. “I could order an Uber or a Deliveroo to my house, but I couldn’t buy insurance for a short period quickly.”

Founded in Edinburgh, Cuvva allows customers to buy pay-as-you-go insurance via an app, rather than paying a flat yearly rate. Prices start at £7.80 per hour and so far, the business has sold more than one million hours of car insurance. It also claims to be the first company to have built an insurance product that operates through an app. The team moved their offices to London 18 months ago. While the idea came from humble beginnings, Macnamara had already built and exited a hospitality and education business, and built a profitable renewable energy consultancy by the time he decided to reimagine the car insurance industry.

Cuvva has since won The Digital Broker Award (2017) and The Insurance Start-up Award  (2017). Freddy is an innovative and captivating speaker. His passion and energy, along with the incredible tech he is bringing about, enthuses his audience.

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