Finn Majlergaard France

  • CEO of Gugin
  • Facilitator at HEC Paris
  • Expert on Leadership


Can your company culture survive Artificial Intelligence
Can your company culture survive Artificial Intelligence
A thought-provoking speech
A thought-provoking speech
Entrepreneur India 2017
Entrepreneur India 2017


Finn Majlergaard is a thought-provoking, award-winning keynote speaker who will make your audience think twice. Think twice about if they are making the right choices when it comes to leveraging human capital. Think twice about if their organisation has a company culture that won’t destroy them when they take on digitalisation and artificial intelligence. Think twice about what kind of leaders they should recruit and develop in order to create a winning corporate culture.

Dr Finn Majlergaard is the founder and CEO of Gugin – a global operating consulting and training firm. Gugin is specialised in creating winning corporate cultures for companies and organisations around the world. Dr Finn Majlergaard delivers thought-provoking speeches to any audience. His purpose is to make people think outside the box by leveraging cultural diversity. It will not be boring! He spends a lot of time on preparation every time, so you get a right to the point speech. He founded the company in 2001 and he and his colleagues have worked with hundreds of companies and organisations in 5 continents.

He is also an entrepreneur and has founded several companies including Educated Singles and Find Supervisor. Dr Finn Majlergaard teaches at several business schools and universities around the world and he facilitates several executive leadership classes at a world leading business schools, among them HEC Executive Education in Paris. He has published two books on leveraging cultural diversity and how to create competitive advantage from cultural diversity. He is also a member of the Society of Industry leaders and a fellow at The World Certification Institute.

Finn Majlergaard holds a doctoral degree from International School of Management in Paris, New York, Tokyo and Shanghai. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on how to create competitive advantage from cultural diversity. Prior to founding Gugin, Finn Majlergaard had senior management positions in global companies like IBM, CSC and Arthur Andersen Business Consulting.

Speaker topics:

  • How to create an Innovative Culture in an organisation
  • How will Artificial Intelligence change your Corporate Culture?
  • Make your Corporate Culture your most valuable Asset
  • The Global Cultural Challenges for the Aviation Industry
  • Improve Collaboration and Innovation in the Healthcare Industry
  • How to hire people who fit into your Corporate Culture
  • How to solve cultural conflicts the Intelligent way
  • What does a cultural Intelligent leader look like?
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