Esther George Keynote Speaker

  • Former President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City (2011-2023)
  • An expert in monetary policymaking and analysing global economic trends
  • A member of the Kauffman Board of Trustees, where she supports the advancement of education and entrepreneurship

Esther George's Biography

Esther L. George is a highly esteemed American economist who has played a significant role in shaping U.S. monetary policies.

In 1982, George joined the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas as a commissioned bank examiner. She worked her way through the ranks and became President and CEO in 2011. George held the role for 12 years and guided the Federal Reserve through a range of economic challenges before her mandated retirement in January 2023.

As one of the key decision-makers within the Federal Reserve System, George formulated and implemented many of the monetary policies in the United States. Known for her principled stance on monetary issues, George emphasizes the importance of maintaining price stability and the need for sound financial regulation. She is an advocate for policies that promote long-term economic growth and financial resilience, while being mindful of the risks associated with excessive monetary accommodation.

Throughout her distinguished career, Esther George frequently delivered speeches on various economic and financial topics. Her deep understanding of economic dynamics and her keen insights earned her widespread respect within the central banking community. As a member of the Kauffman Board of Trustees, George also supports the foundation’s mission of advancing educational achievement and entrepreneurial success. This includes developing policies and strategies to improve the climate for startups in the United States.

Under George’s leadership, the Kansas City Fed also hosted the Jackson Hole Economic Symposium, an annual gathering of global central bankers, academics, and policymakers. This event has now become one of the most important economic policy conferences in the world.

Esther George’s commitment to public service and her expertise in economics have earned her several accolades and recognitions. She holds a master’s in business administration from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and is a graduate of the American Bankers Association Stonier Graduate School of Banking and the Stanford University Executive Program.

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Videos of Esther George

Keynote Address | Thompson Medal Ceremony 2023
Keynote Address | Thompson Medal Ceremony 2023
Esther L. George on the US Economic Outlook
Esther L. George on the US Economic Outlook
Fireside Chat: Raphael Bostic and Esther George
Fireside Chat: Raphael Bostic and Esther George

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