Emma Vardy Keynote Speaker

  • Won two Royal Television Society Awards and named Political Studies Association “Journalist of the Year”.
  • Reported from diverse global locations like Ukraine conflict and Washington DC.
  • Hosted and chaired events for prestigious organizations like Royal College of Midwives and Political Studies Association.

Emma Vardy's Biography

Emma Vardy, an award-winning BBC Correspondent and Presenter, is renowned for her fifteen-year tenure in reporting and presenting for flagship television and radio programs. Currently, she serves as the BBC’s Los Angeles Correspondent, adeptly covering a myriad of stories from the 2024 US presidential election to Hollywood’s prestigious red carpet awards, along with developments in business and the rapidly evolving world of technology.

Prior to her role in Los Angeles, Vardy was the BBC’s Ireland Correspondent. In this capacity, she was lauded for her insightful and clear reporting on the intricate political landscape of Northern Ireland. Her work, which included leading viewers through the complexities of Brexit and delivering fearless reports on paramilitary groups and the legacy of the Troubles, has garnered widespread acclaim.

Vardy’s broadcasting career began at Sky Sports and Sky News, where she reported for the host broadcasters at significant events like the London 2012 Olympics, and the Vancouver and Sochi Winter Olympic Games. Her passion for sports is not confined to her professional life; she is an active participant in women’s football and rugby and has a keen interest in surfing, traveling globally to ride the waves. Her knowledge of sports led to a notable appearance on Celebrity Mastermind, where she answered questions on “the History of Surfing.”

As a mother, Vardy has also delved into reporting on the evolving attitudes towards fitness in pregnancy, showcasing her ability to cover a broad range of topics. Her warm and engaging style as a speaker and host brings a fresh perspective to various subjects. Her expertise in politics, in particular, has positioned her at the forefront of reporting on high-profile news events. Her talent for connecting with a diverse range of audiences and demystifying complex subjects has solidified her status as one of the BBC’s most respected and well-liked on-screen talents.

Emma Vardy’s experience extends to hosting events and chairing panels for notable organizations, including the Royal College of Midwives, Queens University, and significant events such as the 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement with Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern. Her involvement in the Belfast Book Festival and Libraries NI further showcases her versatility and widespread appeal.

Her prowess as a speaker is as compelling as her journalistic career. Known for her engaging and versatile presentation style, she brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to every speaking engagement. Whether she’s dissecting complex political issues, sharing insights from her global reporting experiences, or discussing the evolving media landscape, Emma captivates her audience with clarity, depth, and a touch of charisma. Her ability to connect with diverse audiences and bring challenging topics to life ensures that her speaking events are not only informative but also highly memorable. Emma’s talent for communication, combined with her extensive knowledge and on-screen charm, makes her an ideal speaker for a wide range of events, from academic conferences to industry seminars, where she leaves a lasting impact on her audience.

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