Emma Bache Keynote Speaker

  • Graphologist, widely considered the UK's leading handwriting expert
  • Former Columnist for The Times and the Financial Times
  • Author, "Reading Between The Lines: What Your Handwriting Says About You" and contributor to "From Women To The World - Letters for a New Century"

Emma Bache's Biography

Emma Bache is an expert Graphologist who analyses handwriting to reveal fascinating insights into the personality and character of an individual. She is an entertaining speaker and delivers fascinating talks about graphology, forensic linguistics and her experiences analysing some of the world’s most high-profile individuals.

Using a relatively small sample, Emma can identify traits such as reliability, energy levels, honesty and social skills.  She also works in forensic linguistics, analysing language used in all forms of printed language, including emails and texts, and has worked with insurance companies, intelligence agencies, and banks to solves corporate fraud cases. She commented on the RBS forgery scandal in The Scottish Mail on Sunday in 2018.

She is the author of “Reading Between The Lines: What Your Handwriting Says About You” and a contributor to “From Women To The World – Letters for a New Century”.  She has been a columnist in The Times and the Financial Times, and has contributed to major UK print media including the Daily Mail, The Guardian, the Daily Telegraph, Country and Town House and Cosmopolitan, to name a few.  She has analysed a vast array of well-known leaders from Rupert Murdoch to Richard Branson, as well as top entrepreneurs, bankers and industrialists.  She has analysed controversial characters including Kim Jong Un and Saddam Hussein, as well as international politicians and royalty.

She is widely considered the UK’s leading handwriting expert and regularly appears on television and radio programmes for her unique insights. She has appeared on GMTV’s This Morning, BBC Breakfast, Premier League for Sky, among others, and on radio shows such as Radio 4’s Today Programme, the World Service, and Midweek with Libby Purves.

She completed qualifications in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.

Emma works with corporate and private sector clients, including Conde Nast, Virgin Media, Richard Chandler Associates, The Dorchester, among others.   She is an entertaining after-dinner and keynote speaker, with her witty manner and acute observations.

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Emma Bache's Speaking Topics

  • Graphology - What your handwriting says about you.

Emma explains each facet of the handwriting and shows audiences what to look for. She explores and analyses celebrity handwritings, and talks about her experiences as a graphologist. Emma demonstrates how Graphology can be used in the workplace and how it can be used for fun!

  • Why Modern Business Needs Graphology

Emma explains how Graphology can be applied to the modern workplace to create a profitable, happy and effective business. Understanding graphology can help to improve staff turnover, avoid costly recruiting errors by identifying traits such as aggression and highlighting strengths and weaknesses of teams and individuals comparatively cheaply.

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Videos of Emma Bache

TADTalk with UK graphologist Emma Bache
TADTalk with UK graphologist Emma Bache

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Books by Emma Bache

Reading Between the Lines: What your handwriting says about you

Comments & Testimonials

"Emma Bache is engaging, insightful and fun with natural flair and charisma. I would highly recommend her as a speaker if you want an entertained audience who will be talking about their experience for days after. Emma’s psychology training, combined with her long-standing graphology expertise, makes her a captivating speaker, leaving the audience amused, curious and well informed."
Julia Record Global Director of Communications and Partnerships Dorchester Collection
"I employed Emma Bache as a speaker when I was Director of International Communications for Corinthia hotels. She was expert speaker and graphologist at an event the Corinthia London hotel staged over Valentines. She captivated the demanding audience with her insight on personality traits demonstrated though writing characteristics. Her rounded knowledge on all aspects of human psychology, well-known personalities from past and present and her ability to handle any repartee with the audience worked a treat. She combined wit, humour, and knowledge - the perfect trio! She comes highly recommended."
Fiona Harris Former Director of International Communications, Corinthia Hotels
“One of the most perceptive, talented and hilarious women I know”
City A.M.

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