Elin Hauge speaking

Elin Hauge Keynote Speaker

  • Futurist and speaker on artificial intelligence and the Metaverse
  • Inspires and enables leaders to optimise their organisations by integrating AI
  • Building bridges between business and data-driven technologies for 20+ years

Elin Hauge's Biography

Elin Hauge is a futurist and speaker on artificial intelligence in leadership.  She provides crucial insights on emerging technologies disrupting products and services, such as the Metaverse, the internet of things, blockchain, and virtual reality.  She is on a mission to demystify artificial intelligence (AI) to build bridges to real value for businesses and society.

Elin’s background is in mathematics, physics and business and she has been building bridges between business and data-driven technologies for 20+ years.  Elin believes that AI is the most disruptive technological development in human history, and that understanding the basics of AI is as compulsory for leaders as using a computer.  She demonstrates to clients what is possible with existing AI technology, and what decision-makers need to understand in order to make not only the right decisions, but the most responsible decisions, in the context of society.  Elin speaks about topics such as what the Metaverse means for business leaders, how organisations should be striving for sustainable digitalisation, and how organisations can harness the power of AI.

As a speaker, she provides audiences with actionable takeaways that help to connect the dots between business strategy and the application of AI.  With her down-to-earth approach and sense of humour, Elin shares her fresh perspectives to known challenges and demystifies jargon and buzzwords: as she says, “the future of artificial intelligence is not human less, it’s human more.”.  She inspires and enables leaders and businesses to optimise their organisations by integrating AI.

Previously, she founded international advisory company, The Network Development Hub, where she was an advisor to AI and Emerging Tech startups and scaleups with international expansion and growth. She also mentored hundreds of entrepreneurs across Europe on business strategy, commercialisation and go-to-market.

Elin completed a MEng in Biophysics and Medical Technology, and an MSc in Management Science and Operational Research.

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Elin Hauge's Speaking Topics

Metaverse - Friend, foe, or a stone in your shoe?

Referred to as the 'next generation internet', what is the Metaverse and why should business leaders care? Elin provides a metaverse overview, demystifies the new jargon, and shares her perspectives on exciting opportunities, as well as challenges and concerns.

Digital is not (necessarily) sustainable

Digital technologies adopted by businesses can be both a help and a hinderance to sustainability goals. Elin will blow your audiences' mind with shocking facts and anecdotes about the clash between digitalisation and sustainability, and makes recommendations for leaders wanting to contribute to a smarter and more sustainable digital future.

Bias is buzz, responsibility rules - The Why, the What and the How of the coming AI regulation

Elin provides a high-level overview of how European countries are tackling AI-related privacy issues, bringing in a range of humorous and thought-provoking perspectives. She explains how we can build a more intelligent and responsible future.

Busting the myths about AI, and building the bridge to real value for business and society

Elin dispels myths of a future in which robots rule the world, and presents the reality, in which mathematics applied to large amounts of data will allow for the innovation and automation of business services. Using real-life examples, Elin provides a concrete understanding of what AI actually entails and makes recommendations for what leaders and decision-makers should focus on.

Artificial intelligence and natural stupidity - Why humans, not the algorithms, are the real problem

Elin sets the stage for AI - what is it? What is it not? And explores thought-provoking perspectives on the key challenges and opportunities, and makes recommendations for how to mitigate 'natural stupidity' of humans.

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Videos of Elin Hauge

Virtuell Hverdag #30 - Elin Hauge @ AIM2NORTH 2019 - Implementing AI (English)
Virtuell Hverdag #30 - Elin Hauge @ AIM2NORTH 2019 - Implementing AI (English)
CBS News | Business value derived from data flow creation
CBS News | Business value derived from data flow creation
Elin Hauge discussing digitalisation and sustainability
Elin Hauge discussing digitalisation and sustainability

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Comments & Testimonials

" Highly challenging and engaging keynote on a very important topic; sustainability vs digitalization – we are very satisfied! "
Embriq AS
"Elin talked to us about artificial intelligence. She has a deep knowledge of this and explains to you what this is, and what it entails in a popular way that makes you understand what it takes to get started. Excellent speaker with good communication skills. Recommended!"
Roy-Arne Høgestøl F5IT
"Elin has an amazing presence and makes intense an intreaguing connections with the audience. She is clear, moves her audience along, and is very well informed on the topic and fully prepared. I must say, as an AI professional myself, Elin’s talk was quite inspirational."
Inge Grini Founder & CEO, Intellectual Labs AS
"I heard Elin talk about leadership in the age of technology at a breakfast seminar. Elin managed, with an excellent presentation, to clarify some key concepts around AI and machine learning and at the same time inspire, reassure and challenge those present (mostly leaders) about how management should be practiced in the future. I think many experienced that this was a useful session."
Nils Martin Simonsen EGN Norge

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