Elie Mystal Keynote Speaker

  • Justice correspondent for The Nation
  • Attorney and political commentator
  • NY Times best-selling author

Elie Mystal's Biography

Elie Mystal, is the Justice Correspondent for The Nation, where he writes about politics and social and racial justice. Elie’s first book, Allow Me To Retort – A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution was on the NYT’s bestsellers list in April 2022.  Mystal was executive editor of Above the Law, a website with around 2,000,000 unique visitors that focuses on law, courts, and justice. He’s known for writing about the law and politics, breaking down Supreme Court decisions and up to the minute coverage of Supreme Court confirmation battles.

Off the page, Mystal is a legal contributor to the More Perfect podcast, a Radiolab spinoff, on WNYC. He’s appeared regularly on MSNBC since 2018, appearing on All In With Chris Hayes, The Beat With Ari Melber, A.M. Joy with Joy Reid and Up with David Gura. On the Radio, Mystal has been a frequent guest on the Brian Lehrer Show, the Dean Obedallah Show, Signal Boost with Zerlina Maxwell. He’s also appeared on The Mike Huckabee Show, the Megyn Kelly Show, Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, and done various appearances on CNBC and Fox Business about legal industry news.

Mystal received his undergraduate degree in Government from Harvard University, his J.D. from Harvard Law School, and worked as an associate at Debevoise and Plimpton from 2003-2005.

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Videos of Elie Mystal

Elie Mystal | Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution
Elie Mystal | Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution
Elie Mystal and Ivy Wilson - American Writers Festival
Elie Mystal and Ivy Wilson - American Writers Festival

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