Effy Vayena Speaker

Effy Vayena​ Keynote Speaker

  • Professor of Bioethics at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
  • Member of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Founder of the Health Ethics and Policy Lab

Effy Vayena​'s Biography

Effy Vayena is one of the world’s leading bioethicists and experts in ethical decision-making in the healthcare field. She has consulted for industry leaders and is highly sought after as a lecturer and speaker on health policy around the globe, known for her ability to simplify and dismantle the complexities surrounding bioethics.

As a leading authority in the nexus of health, information, and ethics, Effy is the Chair of Bioethics at the Swiss Institute of Technology. Her work focuses on crucial social challenges relating to data and technology, mainly concerning scientific advancements and how they should be used for general and individual health. She is also an advisor to the World Health Organisation on moral issues involving reproductive healthcare and development.

In recognition of her services as a trained social historian, The Swiss National Science Foundation awarded Effy a professorship when she returned to school and elected her as Professor of Health Policy. She established the Health Ethics and Policy Lab as a professor of health policy to address urgent issues brought on by technical advancements like genetic technology in medicine and study.

Effy is the co-editor of Big Data, Health Law, and Bioethics (2018). The book explores the legal and ethical issues that arise when healthcare professionals use big data – from medical records to FitBit data – to understand their patients better and why consent needs to be addressed.

Effy obtained habilitation in Bioethics and Policy from the University of Zurich and a PhD in Medical History from the University of Minnesota.

She is a visiting professor at Harvard Medical School’s Center for Bioethics and a faculty associate at Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, where she is a former fellow.

Effy has worked with organizations worldwide to promote a healthy debate about how we should be thinking about our health in today’s digital age. She has presented at TED as a keynote speaker, bringing her expertise from academia and professional experience. She has previously worked with global organizations including, The Wellcome Trust, Commonwealth Fund, Chatham House, and OECD.

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Videos of Effy Vayena​

We the people, the citizen scientists | TEDxAthens
We the people, the citizen scientists | TEDxAthens
Health Data, Privacy, & Surveillance: How Will the Lockdowns End?
Health Data, Privacy, & Surveillance: How Will the Lockdowns End?
Digital Transformations in the Pipeline
Digital Transformations in the Pipeline
Ethics in Ai for Health: the Quest for Global Governance | Ai for Good Discovery
Ethics in Ai for Health: the Quest for Global Governance | Ai for Good Discovery

Books by Effy Vayena​

Effy Vayena Speaker
Big Data, Health Law, and Bioethics (2018)

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