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Edwin Catmull

California, USA

President, "Pixar Animation Studios" (2001-present)

Co-founder, "Pixar Animation Studios"

Vice President of Computer Division, "Lucas Film" (1979-86)

Dr. Edwin Catmull is the Co-Founder of Pixar, Inc. and serves as its President of Walt Disney & Animation Studios. Dr. Catmull served as President of Pixar, Inc. since January 2001 and served as its Chief Technology Officer since June 1995. Dr. Catmull also serves as Director of Pixar. Dr. Catmull served as a member of the Executive team and Chief Technical Officer of Pixar since the incorporation of Pixar. of Pixar.

The keynotes by Ed Catmull focus on building creative and innovative organizations and cultures around them. Ed Catmull shares his experiences as a successful computer scientist, and emphasizes that the key is to not fear risk.

In 1972, Edwin Catmull made his earliest contribution to the film industry: an animated version of his left hand which was eventually picked up by a Hollywood producer and incorporated in the 1976 movie Futureworld, the science-fiction sequel to the film Westworld and the first film to use 3D computer graphics. The sequence, known simply as A Computer Animated Hand.

In 1979, Dr. Edwin Catmull brought his high-technology expertise to the film industry as Vice President of the Computer Division of Lucasfilm Ltd. During that time, Dr. Catmull managed four development efforts in the areas of computer graphics, video editing, video games and digital audio. He was also a key developer of RenderMan®, the program that creates realistic digital effects for computer graphics and animation. Dr. Edwin Catmull has been honored with three Scientific and Technical Engineering Awards from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his work, including an Oscar “for significant advancements to the field of motion picture rendering as exemplified in Pixar’s RenderMan®.” He also won the Coons Award, which is the highest achievement in computer graphics, for his lifetime contributions. Dr. Catmull is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Science and Technical Awards Committee.

Dr. Edwin Catmull earned his B.S. degrees in Computer Science and Physics and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Utah. In 2005, the University of Utah presented him with an Honorary Doctoral Degree in Engineering.

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