Eduardo Briceño Keynote Speaker

  • Co-Founder and CEO of Mindset Works
  • Inspirational Keynote Speaker
  • Pahara-Aspen Fellow and an esteemed member of the Aspen Institute’s Global Leadership Network

Eduardo Briceño's Biography

Eduardo Briceño is the Co-Founder & CEO of Mindset Works, a pioneering company that blazed a trail in offering growth mindset development services and programs. Since its inception in 2007, alongside luminaries such as Carol Dweck and Lisa Blackwell, Mindset Works has been at the forefront of fostering learning-oriented cultures and systems, impacting thousands of organizations.

As a highly sought-after speaker and facilitator, Eduardo regularly addresses audiences worldwide, delivering keynote addresses and conducting workshops for professionals and executives. His enlightening TED talks on the subjects of growth mindset and improvement have collectively garnered millions of views, cementing his reputation as a thought leader in the field.

Eduardo’s remarkable achievements extend beyond the field of public speaking. He is a distinguished Pahara-Aspen Fellow and an esteemed member of the Aspen Institute’s Global Leadership Network. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, he has earned a coveted spot in the Happiness Hall of Fame.

Before co-founding Mindset Works, Eduardo Briceño served at the prestigious Sprout Group, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm. During his tenure, he contributed his expertise to the technology investment team and served on the boards of both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Prior to his venture capital role, Eduardo honed his financial acumen as an investment banking analyst with Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette.

Eduardo’s journey began in Caracas, Venezuela, where he spent his formative years. He holds bachelor’s degrees in economics and engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and his thirst for knowledge led him to pursue an MBA and an M.A. in education from Stanford University. Most notably, Eduardo remains an avid lifelong learner, embodying the growth mindset philosophy he champions.

Eduardo Briceño’s exceptional speaking capabilities are a testament to his profound impact on audiences worldwide. With a charismatic presence and a deep understanding of growth mindset and improvement, Eduardo has the unique ability to inspire and motivate individuals and organizations to reach their full potential. His engaging and enlightening presentations, coupled with his wealth of knowledge and experience, make him a true powerhouse in the world of public speaking. Eduardo’s words resonate long after he leaves the stage, leaving a lasting impression and igniting the spark of continuous learning and growth in all those fortunate enough to hear him speak.

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