Douglas Corley Keynote Speaker

  • Founder of DHB Global and CEO at Alaunius Technologies
  • Expert on medtech in Asia
  • Community member at the World Economic Forum

Douglas Corley's Biography

Douglas Corley is a Beijing-based healthcare entrepreneur. He is the CEO and founder of DHB Global, and the CEO of Alaunius Technologies.

DHB Global is a biotech commercialisation platform. It focuses on bringing innovative healthcare solutions to their next stage of growth. The company helps US and European enterprises establish a foothold in China. Its work helps its clients raise capital, find commerical partners, and build domestic facilities. DHB is also working with Chinese pharmaceutical and medical device companies to provide life-saving medications to Belt & Road partners in MENA, Latin America, and Africa.

Alaunius Technologies is a blockchain-powered health support platform providing electronic health records and biomarkers to empower patients in receiving precise medicine.

Douglas has seven years of experience as a researcher in China’s top biomedical labs and hospitals (CAS, 301 Hospital, and PUMCH). He has been nominated to the UNDP Greater China Innovation Council. He serves as a digital health and biotech advisor to several investment groups and NGOs: Endeavour Global, Antler, and Schwarzman Scholars.

Douglas is a community member of the World Economic Forum. As a founder of its ‘Druid Collective’ initiative, he helps other startups bring breakthrough science from labs to real world impact. Douglas grew in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, and received his double degree in biomedical science and analytic philosophy from Creighton University.

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Videos of Douglas Corley

Blockchain: The future of biotech
Blockchain: The future of biotech
The future of healthcare
The future of healthcare

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