Doug McMaster Keynote Speaker

  • Michelin Starred Chef and founder of zero waste restaurant, Silo
  • Author of 'Silo: The Zero Waste Blueprint' promoting a more sustainable food system
  • Creator of The Zero Waste Cooking School

Doug McMaster's Biography

Doug McMaster is a Michelin Starred chef who is leading the way towards a zero waste food system.

In 2014, he opened the world’s first zero waste restaurant, Silo, which serves food that would otherwise have been wasted in the name of fine dining. Later in 2019, he outlined the concept behind Silo in a book titled Silo: The Zero Waste Blueprint which promoted his hopes for the future of the food system.

The Zero Waste Cooking School is his latest project where he shares his vision towards a more sustainable food system and what people can do to help.

Doug has won various awards throughout his career including ‘BBC Young Chef of the Year’ and ‘Britain’s Most Innovative Chef’ at the Young British Foodie Awards. His restaurant, Silo, has also won the prestigious Observer Food Monthly Award for ‘Britain’s Most Ethical Restaurant’ along with ‘Britain’s Most Innovative Restaurant’ award at the Craft Guild of Chefs Awards. In 2019, Silo was shortlisted in the ‘World Restaurant Awards’ for innovation and ethical practice.

Doug began his career working in Michelin-starred restaurants and has since worked across the world from Australia to Denmark.

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Doug McMaster's Speaking Topics

• How to achieve a zero waste food system

• Food waste and sustainability

• The future of food systems

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Videos of Doug McMaster

Waste is a failure of the imagination | DOUGLAS MCMASTER | TEDxISM
Waste is a failure of the imagination | DOUGLAS MCMASTER | TEDxISM

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Books by Doug McMaster

Silo: The Zero Waste Food System - book cover by Doug Mcmaster
Silo: The Zero Waste Blueprint

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