Dorie Clark Keynote Speaker

  • Author of the highly acclaimed book "Reinventing You."
  • Highly sought-after speaker for prestigious organizations like IBM, Google, and the Wharton Alumni Club of New York.
  • Influences countless professionals and leaders through her unique blend of practical advice and personal experience.

Dorie Clark's Biography

Dorie Clark, renowned as a dynamic and impactful speaker in the field of personal and professional reinvention, commands attention with her insightful and practical approach to modern career challenges. Known for her engaging speaking style, Clark often addresses topics related to leadership branding, career development, and personal branding.

Clark’s professional journey is marked by significant contributions and roles. She has notably spoken to the IBM Communications team, delivering powerful insights on personal and professional reinvention. At Yum! Brands, she provided employees with practical tools for building their leadership brand, blending her expertise with an engaging and fun approach. Her influence extended to Google, where she guided the team on personal branding and authentic leadership, garnering high praise for her tangible and relatable ideas.

Her presentations are not only engaging but also actionable, as evidenced by her success with the International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group, where her book presentation attracted overflowing crowds. Her expertise in personal branding and career navigation is further endorsed by Robert Reich, former US Secretary of Labor, and Professor Rita McGrath of Columbia Business School.

Clark’s approach is deeply rooted in her own experiences and learnings, making her advice not just theoretical but tried and tested. This authenticity adds immense value to her presentations, as noted by Andrew Stern from the Wharton Alumni Club of New York. Her ability to balance stimulating stories with actionable advice sets her apart as a speaker and thought leader.

Clark stands out as a speaker of exceptional caliber, with her ability to captivate and educate her audience on critical aspects of personal and professional growth. Her presentations are not only rich in content but are delivered in a manner that is both engaging and accessible. Clark’s unique combination of real-world experience, practical strategies, and a compelling narrative style ensures that her sessions are not only informative but also transformationally inspiring. Whether addressing corporate giants like IBM and Google, or engaging with passionate entrepreneurs and professionals, Clark consistently leaves her audience with valuable insights and actionable steps to elevate their personal and professional branding. Her speaking prowess makes her an invaluable asset to any event or conference, promising to enrich and enlighten all who attend.

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Books by Dorie Clark

The Long Game
Reinventing You
Stand Out

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