Donald Kohn Keynote Speaker

  • Vice Chairman, The Federal Reserve (2006-10)
  • Leading expert on global finance
  • Worked alongside Paul Volcker and Alan Greenspan

Donald Kohn's Biography

Donald Kohn is a leading economist and one of the world’s foremost authorities on monetary policy, financial regulation and macroeconomics.

He served at the Federal Reserve for four decades, joining the Board in 2002 and taking on the role of Vice Chairman from 2006 to 2010. Prior to this he was Advisor to the Board for Monetary Policy (2001–02), Secretary of the Federal Open Market Committee (1987–2002), Director of the Division of Monetary Affairs (1987–2001), and Deputy Staff Director for Monetary and Financial Policy (1983–87).

Donald played a leading role in shaping the response of governments and central banks to the global financial crisis. Ben Bernanke credited him with leading the stress tests of major financial institutions, directing the Board’s efforts to improve transparency, and helping many central banks respond effectively to the world economic crisis.

Donald is currently a senior fellow in the Economic Studies Program at the Brookings Institution.

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Videos of Donald Kohn

On Monetary Policy Exit (2013)
On Monetary Policy Exit (2013)
Explaining the Federal Reserve's role in the economic recovery (2009)
Explaining the Federal Reserve's role in the economic recovery (2009)

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