Dominique Mielle Keynote Speaker

  • Author of Damsel in Distressed (2021)
  • Former hedge fund investor and partner
  • Expert in restructurings and US bankruptcies

Dominique Mielle's Biography

Dominique Mielle is a dynamic Franco-American investor and former hedge fund manager. With over two decades of experience in the finance industry, Dominique has established herself as a respected leader and expert in the fields of distressed and bankruptcy investing.

Named one of the “50 Leading Women in Hedge Funds” by the Hedge Fund Journal and E&Y in 2017, Dominique is a sought-after speaker and writer. She is a regular contributor to Forbes, where she writes on topics such as hedge funds, diversity in finance, and more. Dominique’s work has also been published in esteemed publications such as the Financial Times, Business Insider, and Absolute Return.

Her memoir, Damsel in Distressed (Simon & Schuster 2021), provides a unique insider’s view of the investment industry from the perspective of a female portfolio manager. The book, described by the Wall Street Journal as “an often-hilarious romp through the jungles of high finance” and “a lively and informative tutorial on hedge funds during their glory years,” offers a combination of intelligence, humor, and an unwavering determination to succeed in a male-dominated field. Dominique recently contributed to a very famous “bible” in the US called Security Analysis (McGraw Hill 2023) by Graham and Dodd who were Warren Buffett’s professors and mentors.

With a wealth of experience under her belt, Dominique Mielle has a proven track record of success. As a partner and senior portfolio manager at Canyon Capital, a $25 billion hedge fund, she invested in the transportation, consumer products, and municipal sectors, while also specialising in corporate bond securitizations and leading Canyon’s collateralised loan obligation business.

Throughout her career, Dominique has played a key role in navigating complex bankruptcies, where her expertise in finance and strategic solutions has been critical to achieving successful outcomes. She served as a director and the audit committee chair for PG&E during its eighteen-month bankruptcy process, and currently serves as a director on four public companies.

Dominique Mielle holds an M.B.A. (Finance) from Stanford University and a Master in Management degree from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales in France (HEC Paris). Her unique background, coupled with her extensive experience, makes her an excellent choice for speaking engagements on a range of finance-related topics.

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Videos of Dominique Mielle

Damsel In Distressed: Dominique Mielle & Autumn Breon
Damsel In Distressed: Dominique Mielle & Autumn Breon

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Books by Dominique Mielle

Damsel in Distressed: My Life in the Golden Age of Hedge Funds
Security Analysis, Seventh Edition: Principles and Techniques

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