Dhiraj Mukherjee Keynote Speaker

  • Co Founder of Shazam
  • Tech for Good Investor
  • Innovation Expert

Dhiraj Mukherjee's Biography

Dhiraj Mukherjee is a Co-Founder of Shazam, the world’s first mobile phone-based music recognition service (acquired by Apple).  Today, he continues to innovate and is a leading angel investor focused on emerging technologies.

Recognised by the Financial Times as one of Europe’s Top 50 technology entrepreneurs in 2015, and elected a member of The Digital Banking Club’s “Power 50” in 2016, Dhiraj was previously Head of Banking Innovation at Virgin Money, where he was responsible for developing new digital banking services, including one aimed at serving 2.2 million students in the UK.

He is also active in the drive for “Tech for Good,” and was selected for Smith & Williamson’s “Power 100” in 2017 for supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in the U.K.  He is  focused on mission-driven companies aiming to create a better future for the planet. He has invested alongside Bill Gates in Breakthrough Energy Ventures and in Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management.

Dhiraj is a globally recognised keynote speaker on innovation and sustainable business, and has spoken to senior executives and entrepreneurs in over 15 countries clients including Google, Airbus, Vodafone, Santander, The Economist and many more.

Dhiraj has a degree in Mathematical Economics from Dartmouth College, USA and an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.

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Dhiraj Mukherjee's Speaking Topics

Teamwork, Tenacity and Resilience - The Shazam story

Dhiraj takes you through the journey of founding Shazam in 2000 - long before smart phones existed - to exiting to Apple in 2018 with over one billion downloads. He tells the roller-coaster story from idea to exit, surviving the dotcom crash and the financial crisis to become a globally iconic app. This is a story about teamwork, tenacity and resilience.

High Stakes: Why we are all Impact Investors

Dhiraj deeply believes that the best way to predict the future is to create it. He shares insights from investing in mission-driven entrepreneurs aiming to make a positive impact on the planet. This is a story about how to bring impact to your business by collaborating with the next generation of change makers

Build an Innovator's Instincts

Dhiraj shares his lessons learned on how to create and scale successful digital businesses. He provides insights into thinking creatively, building innovative teams, developing an entrepreneur's mindset and the resilience needed to succeed with new digital ventures.

How to Anticipate the Future

We all try to look into the future to anticipate and lead in an increasingly uncertain world. Dhiraj has a unique perspective as a "Tech for Good" investor in emerging technology, sustainable business, and the next generation of consumers. He shares his insights into the major themes shaping our collective future, and how to position strategically for long-term success.

Learning to Adapt

Dhiraj believes that only companies designed to be adaptive will succeed in the long run. Generation Z uses innovative technology in their learning, so leaders must adopt the tools of education as well as learn from the next generation of talent. Dhiraj shares how to adapt - based on his work with EdTech startups, running challenges with students at top universities, and observing how Gen Z thinks and works.

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Videos of Dhiraj Mukherjee

Dhiraj Mukherjee: Foresight
Dhiraj Mukherjee: Foresight
The 4% chance
The 4% chance

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Comments & Testimonials

Your talk was truly inspiring and motivating for the developers wishing to reach such success one day with their own apps. Thanks for a great kick off to the whole program.
Common challenges do cut across industries. Dhiraj's insights on models, platforms, app economics, innovation, timing, and resilience, greatly boosted us in our own digital transformation journey!
Dhiraj captivated the audience with his story of how he co-founded Shazam and it’s further journey to success. Dhiraj was personable, authentic and funny. His warming and inspiring approach ensured he had a queue of motivated attendees to speak to after his talk!

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