Déborah Berebichez London, UK

  • Data scientist in financial risk management
  • Pioneer in wireless communications technology
  • Advisor on managing portfolio risk


TED-Ed: The parallels of sound, light and water waves (2012)
TED-Ed: The parallels of sound, light and water waves (2012)
A Lonely Skeptic in a Believer's World (2013)
A Lonely Skeptic in a Believer's World (2013)


Déborah Berebichez is a physicist, author and data scientist in financial risk management. Her passion is to empower young people to learn science and to improve the state of STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math) in the world. She helps to run Technovation Challenge – teaching hundreds of high school girls from under-served communities how to code science-based mobile apps.

Déborah’s work in science education has been recognised worldwide, including by the WSJ, Oprah, Dr Oz, CNN, TED, DLD, and WIRED.

Déborah was the keynote speaker at Oprah Winfrey’s National Women in Leadership Conference and has recently been named a John C. Whitehead Fellow at the Foreign Policy Association. She is a renowned public speaker presenting at TED-Ed, Wired, NECSS, Ciudad de las Ideas, several TEDx, DLD and others.

Déborah became the first Mexican woman to obtain a Ph.D. in physics from Stanford University and is now a published scientific researcher in the areas of time-reversal of waves and nanotechnology. She invented a highly effective technique in the fields of wireless communications to focus signals at a targeted location. She is currently Vice President of Risk Analysis at MSCI, where she uses her quantitative skills to advise top tier banks and hedge funds on managing portfolio risk.

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