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Dean Buonomano speaker

Dean Buonomano

speaker location icon California, USA

Author of the Wall Street Journal best-seller, "Brain Bugs" (2011)

Professor in the Departments of Neurobiology and Psychology, UCLA

One of the foremost experts on the neuroscience of time

Dean Buonomano is a Professor in the Departments of Neurobiology and Psychology at UCLA, and an investigator in the Integrative Center for Learning and Memory. His research focuses on neural computation and the neural basis of learning and memory.

He is one of the foremost experts on the neuroscience of time, and has published dozens of scientific articles, many in leading scientific journals such as Science, Nature Neuroscience, and Neuron. Dean is the author of the Wall Street Journal Best-Seller “Brain Bugs: How the Brain’s Flaws Shape our Lives” (2011), which explores the causes and consequences of the flaws of the brain as an information processing device.

Radio and TV appearances include Fresh Air (NPR), In Between the Lines (PBS), and The Agenda (TVO). Buonomano has presented at the World Science Festival, and his research has been highlighted in many national and international magazines and newspapers, including, Discover, Newsweek, Scientific American, Zeit, Cosmos, Hörzu Wissen, and the New Yorker.

Our Comment

"Dean Buonomano discusses his best-selling book, "Brain Bugs" and the theories behind it. He shares a neurobiological perspective that will help people make the best decisions in many different fields of business, politics, relationships, and more. "

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