Dawn Maslar Keynote Speaker

  • Authority on the science of love
  • Contributing author, scienceofrelationship.com
  • Adjunct biology professor

Dawn Maslar's Biography

Dawn Maslar is an adjunct biology professor, award-winning author and the go-to authority on the science of love.

After experiencing her attraction to the wrong men, she began an intensive study into the science of love. Her ground-breaking findings including the four phases of love, are destined to become the new standard. Based on this work, she collaborated with the education division of TEDx to create their TEDed video on the science of attraction, which has over a million views.

She is a published author, textbook reviewer with over ten years of college biology teaching experience, and is an adjunct professor at Kaplan University. She has also taught both adjunct and full-time at Nova Southeastern University and Broward College. She is a contributing author at scienceofrelationship.com, a collection of the leading experts in the field of scientific relationship research. She was also voted one of the Top 20 most followed Dating Experts on Twitter and The Best 28 Dating, Marriage and Relationship Blogs in the UK to follow in 2015. She has been featured on The Huffington Post, Gulf Coast Magazine, WESH TV, Today in Nashville, Tampa Morning Blend, South Florida Today, Fox News Magazine, Wall Street Journal and NPR.

Dawn delights her audience as she explains the different stages of love. This process is the topic of her ground-breaking February 2016 TEDx talk How Your Brain Falls in Love, as well as her forth coming book on the subject, “Men Chase, Women Choose: The Science of Meeting, Dating, Losing Your Mind and Finding Love” due out fall 2016.

Dawn Maslar has created a fun interactive stage show called The Great Love Experiment. One segment of this talk called Factors of Attraction has audience members participate in a sniff test, to determine attraction. She then explains how each of your senses helps to determine if it’s a match or not. In other talks, she explains that long-term love may boil down to the care and maintenance of two important neurotransmitters: her oxytocin level and his testosterone level. She discusses the research on the topic and provides easy to understand and follow advice.

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Videos of Dawn Maslar

Dawn Maslar Speaker Reel (2015)
Dawn Maslar Speaker Reel (2015)
The Great Love Experiment - Factors of Attraction (2015)
The Great Love Experiment - Factors of Attraction (2015)
The Science Behind Valentine’s Day Gifts NBC6 (2015)
The Science Behind Valentine’s Day Gifts NBC6 (2015)

Comments & Testimonials

Dawn, a biologist and professor, knocked it out of the park! Not really knowing exactly what to expect, since she's basically a science professor and researcher, I never expected her to be so funny, delightful and informative regarding the "science of love". This was anything but "dry", which is what I thought it might be. Her skills at improv and responding to the volunteers for her experiments were superb! Plus, we had lively questions and answers afterwards that was fascinating. I bet she's got enough interesting knowledge, energy and charisma to do a whole series of gigs on the science of love! Plus, the audience loved it!
Tina Rappaport

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