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  • International keynote speaker
  • Skilled facilitator and corporate coach
  • Broadcaster and author

David Meade's Biography

David Meade is an all rounder – he is first and foremost an international keynote speaker – he is also a master trainer, a skilled facilitator, corporate coach and academic researcher. He is also known to many from his BBC programmes and from his sell out live events.

David’s corporate clients have included Apple, PWC, CapGemini, Facebook, Goldman Sachs and the Bank of America. He has helped them improve the way they work and perform through better management, effective decision making, leadership and operational development programmes. His content is all research based, his signature style is engaging and fun.

His interests are focus on aspects of organisational psychology, consumer behaviour and choice, and by combining these professional and personal passions with his dynamic presentation style, David has become known for an innovative and interactive style that encourages audiences to think critically about the challenges around them.

Most of his time is spent working at the executive level on motivating and inspiring some of the largest and most diverse organisations to work more effectively. He uses cutting-edge research on management, organisations, and leadership to build scientifically sound and evidence-based development programmes that create demonstrable improvements in small and large companies alike. David receives high acclaim and hugely positive feedback from clients that recognise the strong business value he offers organisations. Unlike many speakers, he is invited back time and again as no two talks are the same and audiences love his approach.

Session Style and Approach

David’s programmes are designed to build relationships, develop sustainable organisational engagement, and inspire and enthuse attendees to embrace the new cultures and values that the client espouses. All session content is delivered in a high energy and interactive style that captures attention and makes salient messages easier to digest, while also being predicated on evidence-based research and techniques that have been rigorously peer reviewed, tested, and published by appropriate research outlets.

David has a track record of delivering motivational and development programmes to very large private and public sector clients that are facing substantial organisational challenges. These longer training sessions are built around agreed aims and are designed to encourage audiences to explore their individual and team roles in their workplace. Attendees will be empowered with tools and approaches they can use immediately, irrespective of hierarchical level, that can make fundamental changes to how they see their organisation and their role in it. By the end of any session led by David, participants are enthused about the opportunities that the future offers. He is an outstanding speaker and moderator.

David has a 1st class honours degree from Ulster University’s School of International Business. His work as a lecturer and award-winning researcher in business and strategy with one of Ireland’s leading Universities underpins his ability as an internationally sought-after speaker.

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David Meade's Speaking Topics

Mind Your Business

This interactive session challenges delegates to think differently and offers them a practical, transferable toolkit.

Growth Mindset

This high-octane session looks at the role of mindset and the drivers of decisions that achieve engagement. Delegates are given a transferrable toolkit that they can use to motivate and engage those they work with.

Engage and Lead for Success

This energetic session will introduce delegates to the psychology of management and leadership, and provides them with a practical toolkit to make them a more effective leader.

Persuasion, Influence and Sales

This fast-paced session will equip delegates with persuasive trading, and language techniques to help them persuade and influence others, and/or increase sales.

Master Public Speaking

This session will equip delegates with the skills they need to deliver memorable, engaging, and interesting presentations.

Motivation and Engagement

People are your greatest asset and now is the time to start investing. In today’s ever-changing climate, engaging and inspiring your people has never been more important. Drawing on the hard science of what makes world-class organisations tick, we show you how easy it can be to get results that fundamentally change the way your team works.

Innovation, Creativity and Problem Solving

Daily, people tackle problems, create and innovate. In the knowledge economy, these skills are becoming increasingly important. We believe that everyone can be innovative, and solve problems, and our session will arm you with the weapons you need so thinking outside the box will become second nature.

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Videos of David Meade

TED Talk
TED Talk
David Meade - Virtual Events
David Meade - Virtual Events

Comments & Testimonials

David brought an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm to our event and engaged an audience of 1500 from across all levels of our organisation over two days. He has a wealth of experience, endless energy and a suite of unique activities and content. If engagement is what you are looking for, David delivers.
A very enjoyable session that was motivating and inspiring. Really insightful and encouraging whist being entertaining plus great that is was still possible to do exercises despite it being a large group. This was the best external speaker I've ever seen! Great selection!!

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