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David Meade Keynote Speaker

  • International keynote speaker
  • Skilled facilitator and corporate coach
  • Broadcaster on BBC’s ‘Million Dollar Bet’, ‘The David Meade Project’ and ‘The Gift Live Specials’

David Meade's Biography

David Meade is a versatile, international keynote speaker. He also excels as a master trainer, skilled facilitator, corporate coach, and academic researcher. Additionally, he has gained recognition through his BBC programs and highly popular live events.

David has worked with an impressive roster of corporate clients, including Apple, PWC, CapGemini, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America. He has assisted these companies in enhancing their operations and performance through improved management, effective decision-making, leadership, and operational development programs. His presentations are always based on thorough research, and he is celebrated for his engaging and enjoyable style.

His professional interests lie in organizational psychology, consumer behavior, and choice. By merging these interests with his dynamic presentation style, David has become renowned for his innovative and interactive approach, which encourages audiences to think critically about the challenges they face.

David spends most of his time working with executives, motivating and inspiring some of the world’s largest and most diverse organizations to operate more effectively. He leverages cutting-edge research in management, organizations, and leadership to develop scientifically sound, evidence-based programs. These programs have shown tangible improvements in both small and large companies. David’s clients highly praise his work and often invite him back, as each of his talks is unique and well-received by audiences.

Session Style and Approach

David’s programs are crafted to foster relationships, build sustainable organizational engagement, and motivate attendees to adopt new cultures and values. His sessions are characterized by a high-energy, interactive style that not only captivates attention but also makes key messages more accessible. His content is grounded in evidence-based research and techniques that have undergone rigorous peer review, testing, and publication.

David has a proven track record in delivering motivational and development programs to large private and public sector clients facing significant organizational challenges. His extended training sessions are tailored to the client’s objectives, encouraging participants to examine their individual and team roles within their workplace. Attendees leave equipped with practical tools and strategies that can be immediately applied, regardless of their position, fundamentally altering their perception of their organization and their role within it. At the end of each session, participants are excited about future opportunities. David is an exceptional speaker and moderator.

Holding a first-class honors degree from Ulster University’s School of International Business, David’s background as a lecturer and award-winning researcher in business and strategy at one of Ireland’s leading universities solidifies his status as a highly sought-after international speaker.

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David Meade's Speaking Topics

  • Mind Your Business

Individuals who think better, perform better.

Drawing on the psychology of decision making, motivation, and mindset, this session shows how some very small changes can make the biggest difference to our ability to succeed. Delegates learn the science of persuasion and the proven principles of getting engagement and buy in for your new ideas or approaches, before exploring the real secrets behind the mindset of world class business performers.

  • Principles of Persuasion

The Science of Getting to Yes

High energy, interactive session, that equips delegates with persuasive trading, and language techniques to help them persuade and influence others, and/or to increase sales.

  • Engage for Success: Building Leaders, Building Teams

Research proves most teams are choosing to underperform.

With as much as 80% of team members disengaged, the need to push a reset button has never been greater. In this high octane keynote, attendees learn how to apply the proven behaviours of world class organisations like Apple, Facebook, and Google, and see how easy it can be for leaders and professionals to quash limiting beliefs, working together to break habits and traditions that are stifling performance.

  • Growth Mindset

Changing the way teams Think, Act, & Behave every day

High energy, interactive session, that challenges delegates to think about the role of mindset and the drivers of decisions that achieve engagement. They will be given a transferrable toolkit to use and motivate and engage those they work with.

  • Lead with your Head

A highly energetic and interactive session, that introduces delegates to the psychology of leadership, and provides them with a practical toolkit to make them a more effective leader.

  • Sustainable High Performance

Building business athletes through accountability and ownership.

The tools used by high performing teams and organisations have never been better understood, or been more attainable. Sharing a decade of research, this session lifts the lid on how the greatest performances do things differently, and how your team can too. They’ll leave the session more solution focused, better opportunity creators (not just opportunity spotters), and more equipped to deal with failure and negativity.

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Videos of David Meade

TED Talk
TED Talk
David Meade - Virtual Events
David Meade - Virtual Events

Comments & Testimonials

David brought an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm to our event and engaged an audience of 1500 from across all levels of our organisation over two days. He has a wealth of experience, endless energy and a suite of unique activities and content. If engagement is what you are looking for, David delivers.
A very enjoyable session that was motivating and inspiring. Really insightful and encouraging whist being entertaining plus great that is was still possible to do exercises despite it being a large group. This was the best external speaker I've ever seen! Great selection!!

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