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  • Leadership and workplace culture expert
  • Interactive keynotes, breakouts and workshops
  • Former Simon Sinek Igniter and co-author of Find Your Why

David Mead's Biography

David Mead is bringing humanity back to work. For over 13 years David has worked with and learned from leaders all over globe. He has discovered a pattern that is present with every leader worth following.

David began his career in corporate training in 2004. In 2009 he was the second person to join speaker and author, Simon Sinek’s team. For the next 10 years, David helped share Simon’s simple, inspiring ideas through speaking and workshops.

In 2017, David applied his years of practical experience and learning and co-authored, with Peter Docker and Simon Sinek, Find Your Why: a practical guide for discovering the WHY of an individual, team or organization. It has sold over 400,000 copies and is translated into 25 languages.

Since Dec, 2019 David has focused on helping leaders implement the powerful ideas he now talks about. He shares a simple framework that allows each of us to lead and influence others with genuine humanity, no matter our role or title. The result? Higher performance, innovation, collaboration, retention and importantly, well-being for us and our teams.

David has worked with over 300 companies in 21 countries. He brings a relatable, human approach to leadership along with simple, practical tools leaders and their teams can use to create trust and human connection every day. Using these tools, we can each contribute to environments where we want to work, not where we have to work. 

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David Mead's Speaking Topics

Confronting Culture Dissonance

Identify the symptoms of Culture Dissonance and explore three specific leadership traits that, when put into practice, lead to Culture Congruence.

The Future of Work and Why Humanity Matters

By intentionally building and maintaining a culture of trust and human connection, leaders and teams can ignite transparent communication, collaboration and a sense of belonging, which become the rocket fuel for future engagement, performance and growth.

Burnout, Meet Your Match

As work norms change, leaders carry a special responsibility to monitor and manage not only their team’s workload capacity, but also their emotional and physical well-being. This can only be done effectively when we have genuine compassion and concern for the humans we influence.

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Videos of David Mead

The Experience We Create
The Experience We Create
The Jobs That Give Us Meaning
The Jobs That Give Us Meaning
Humility at Work
Humility at Work
The Trust Formula
The Trust Formula
Being and Doing
Being and Doing

Books by David Mead

Find Your Why

Comments & Testimonials

I left the session inspired to be a more supportive team member, a more attentive and present father, a more loving and involved husband and a better friend. Hard to believe that all that happened in one day during one training but it's true. I am forever changed.
Matt Moody Director of Partnerships, Big Leap
I have been to many leadership trainings over my career and David’s was different. He gave new insights along with the strategies and tools to implement what we were learning. I recommend any company who wants to have better leadership and authenticity to bring David in for a workshop.
Ben Lonsdale Associate Director of Business Development, Tanner Accountants & Advisors
I’ll be honest, I was a skeptic and was going to multitask during David’s talk. But I don’t think he got more than a few sentences in when I took my hand off my computer mouse and started listening. The real life anecdotes shared, the vulnerabilities exposed and the content of the messaging being so relatable, I was drawn in to truly listen. Til this day, my team and I talk about his words on Slack, in emails and verbally to one another when needed.
Cynthia Noriega Product Manager of Digital Commerce, H-E-B

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