David King Keynote Speaker

  • Sales conference speaker & mentor
  • Enables sales professionals around the world to sell effectively
  • Impacted more than 15,000 commercial professionals through speech and mentorship

David King's Biography

David King is a Sales Conference Speaker and Mentor who focuses on enabling sales professionals around the world with modern mindset hacks and skillsets to adapt to modern buyers and sell effectively.

An award-winning speaker and mentor and is known as a speaker who is engaging, authentic, and surprising. He possesses the ability to share immediately applicable techniques packaged in relatable messages through storytelling that connects deeply with his audience through which they are inspired to achieve what they couldn’t before.

Customers have changed the way they buy and it’s time we changed the way we sell. With the advent of the “Internet Of Things” customers are no longer dependent on “information experts” to know about a product as most information they seek are readily available online. Instead, what modern customers want are industry experts who are able to competently uncover their desired outcomes, propose various approaches to achieving it and accurately execute it.

Counter intuitive for a transactional salesperson, this modern sales approach demands a “hands off” selling style which makes a typical salesperson feel less in control compared to the customer

Yet it is exactly what modern customers want and when done correctly, research show that the salesperson will experience Higher Closing Ratios, Bigger Deal Sizes and Stronger Customer Loyalty.

As a musician, David infuses elements of music to bring out the best part of the message, taking the audience on a meaningful and impactful journey through his speech.

Commercial Professionals who have applied his methods have achieved president’s circle awards, up to 8 figures in sales (for single sales contributors) and unbelievable sales and recruitment leads on social media.

David’s conviction towards selling is–Selling is more than just a skill; it is an obligation that every salesperson needs to have if they believe that their products and services can impact the lives of their users. As of Nov 2023, David has impacted more than 15,000 commercial professionals through his speech and mentorship.

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David King's Speaking Topics

  • Outcome Selling

Sell More, Sell Bigger, Be Unreplaceable

  • Story Selling

Engage Emotions, Be Remembered, Drive Sales Up

  • Future of Selling

How Sales Professionals can embrace AI, Social Media and Digital Tools to stay ahead of the Selling Game

  • The Compounding Effect

Uncover unspoken secrets of consistency that guarantees Sales Success

  • The Paradigm Shift

Reinvent The Vision Of The Future

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Videos of David King

David King | Story Teller - Sales Mentor - Conference Speaker
David King | Story Teller - Sales Mentor - Conference Speaker
Answer The Call To Leadership ( Preview )
Answer The Call To Leadership ( Preview )
Story Selling ( Preview )
Story Selling ( Preview )
Deliver Profitable Pitches ( Preview )
Deliver Profitable Pitches ( Preview )

Comments & Testimonials

Thank you David , thank you for everything you did this week. You were awesome on stage!
Tristan Hartey MDRT Global Conference Committee Chair
David was invited to motivate my sales team for our annual kick-off event to utilize social media for their branding and sales. I was specially impressed with how he used stories to bring out the the message in such a power way, demonstrating how we could also use his S.T.O.R.Y process to create the impact we want on social media. I highly recommend David.
Daniel Toh Chief Sales Officer

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