David Halpern Keynote Speaker

  • Founding Director of the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT)
  • Authored several influential books
  • Recognized with a CBE for Public Service in the New Year’s Honours of January 2022

David Halpern's Biography

David Halpern, CBE is renowned for his pioneering contributions to behavioral science and public policy. As President and Founding Director of the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), he has been instrumental in shaping innovative approaches to social challenges. Speaking topics often include the application of behavioral insights in policymaking, the intersection of psychology and economics, and strategies for enhancing public well-being.

In his career, Halpern has held a series of notable positions, accentuating his influence in both governmental and academic circles. As BIT’s CEO from its inception in 2010 until 2023, he steered the organization to global recognition. His journey with BIT transitioned smoothly as he ascended to the role of President, guiding the team’s strategic vision forward.

His expertise was further recognized when he served as the first Research Director of the Institute for Government and as the Chief Analyst at the Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit (2001-2007). His governmental influence was further solidified during his tenure as the What Works National Advisor (2013-2022), where he championed evidence-based policy-making across the UK government.

As an author, Halpern has contributed significantly to the field of behavioral insights. His seminal works include “Social Capital” (2005), “The Hidden Wealth of Nations” (2010), and “Online Harms and Manipulation” (2019). His insightful analysis of the BIT’s work, “Inside the Nudge Unit: How Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference” (2015), has been influential in spreading the word about the power of nudges in policy.

Halpern’s achievements have been recognized with a CBE for Public Service in the New Year’s Honours of January 2022, a testament to his profound impact on public service.

David’s expertise as a speaker is characterized by his engaging style and the depth of knowledge he brings to his presentations. He is known for his ability to distill complex behavioral science concepts into actionable insights, making him a highly sought-after speaker for a variety of audiences, from government agencies and policymakers to academic circles and public forums. Whether addressing small workshops or delivering keynote speeches at major conferences, Halpern’s talks are not only informative but also inspire action and change. His capacity to connect with listeners, combined with his distinguished career and contributions to the field, make him an invaluable voice in the ongoing conversation about improving societal outcomes through behavioral insights.

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Inside the Nudge Unit
The hidden wealth of nations

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