Darren Fogelman Keynote Speaker

  • Founder & CEO of Global Dream Forum and The Dream Show
  • Member of The World Economic Forum (WEF) Expert Network
  • APEC Summit CEO & Member of International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)

Darren Fogelman's Biography

Darren Fogelman is a pioneering global entrepreneur, financier, investor, disruptor, innovator and visionary leader focused on the future of sustainable commerce, driving global growth in this era of mass disruption and the inventor of the GeoFlux Concept.

Darren is a highly sought after speaker to global corporate leaders, investors, policymakers and key stakeholders in Spanish, French, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

Darren is Founder & CEO of Global Dream Forum: the leading global authority addressing the impact of disruption and technology on commerce, society, geopolitics and the world we live in.

Global Dream Forum hosts The Dream Show: the leading global technology and innovation showcase.

Darren is Founder & CEO of Dreamcanyon: the leader in global private equity and corporate value creation.

Dreamcanyon partners with the world’s leading private equity investors and corporates to drive the global growth and commercial scale up of their companies and assets as they embrace this new era of commerce and continuous disruption.

Among Darren‘s former ventures have been: Blenz Coffee China: the first national coffee shop chain in China, GreenTree Inns: one of the leading business hotel chains in Asia (NYSE: GHG) and FTC Global: the Preeminent Pan Emerging Markets Merchant Bank.

Darren is a member of the World Economic Forum Expert Network and has been called upon to set the agenda for WEF’s Global Future Councils.

Darren is an APEC Summit CEO and a long-standing member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).

Darren provides a distinct vision of our future global trajectory and outlines the opportunities and challenges for global corporates, investors and decision makers to optimize and maximize their strategic and tactical pathways in order to fully capitalize on those futures.

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Darren Fogelman's Speaking Topics

Future of Sustainable Commerce

Global Growth and Value Creation in the Era of Mass Disruption


China-Taiwan: Impact of a Crisis on Global Commerce and Trade

The Metaverse: Future of Commerce

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Videos of Darren Fogelman

Global Dream Forum NYC 2019
Global Dream Forum NYC 2019

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