Danni Hewson Keynote Speaker

  • Presented "Wake Up To Money" on BBC Radio Live for three years.
  • Extensive Broadcasting Career featuring on BBC Breakfast Television, the BBC News Channel and BBC World Service.
  • Commentator and Writer for AJ Bell, delivering insights and analysis across UK and Global business and financial sectors.

Danni Hewson's Biography

Danni Hewson, a renowned name in business broadcasting and financial analysis, has significantly contributed to demystifying the world of finance and economics for a broad audience. With over two decades of experience, her expertise spans across various specialist topics, including business, investment, markets, economics, personal finance, consumer affairs, and sustainability.

Hewson’s remarkable journey in the field of broadcasting began as the Business Correspondent for Look North, eventually leading her to become the voice of business on BBC Radio 5 Live for three years. During her tenure, she was the presenter of the station’s flagship business program, “Wake Up To Money,” where she played a pivotal role in clarifying complex consumer issues during the station’s breakfast and drive time programs, reaching millions of listeners.

Her broadcasting prowess extended beyond radio, as Hewson made notable appearances on BBC Breakfast Television, the BBC News Channel, and the BBC World Service. Her engaging style and depth of knowledge in financial matters made her a familiar and trusted figure in British broadcasting.

In 2021, Hewson embarked on a new venture with AJ Bell, a leading investment company. In this role, she serves as a commentator and writer, offering insightful analysis across UK and global business and financial sectors. Her work spans various platforms, including television, radio, and online media, showcasing her versatility and adaptability in the evolving landscape of financial communication.

Hewson’s passion lies in making financial reporting understandable and relevant to all audiences. Her extensive experience, particularly in interviewing dynamic CEOs and engaging with SME bosses, has enriched her understanding and delivery of financial and economic content. This ability to connect complex financial topics with a general audience has solidified her position as one of Britain’s most prominent business broadcasters.

Moreover, Danni Hewson’s expertise and engaging personality have made her a popular choice as an Event MC, Moderator, and Keynote Speaker. She has significantly contributed to various events, facilitating discussions and elevating the experiences for corporations, business organizations, and public sector clients.

Her capabilities as a speaker are as diverse as they are impressive. She possesses a unique ability to captivate her audience, seamlessly blending expertise in finance and economics with a relatable and engaging delivery. Her sessions are not only informative but also invigorating, encouraging her audience to view the world of business and finance through a fresh, accessible lens. Whether she’s moderating a high-level corporate event, delivering keynotes at financial seminars, or leading discussions on sustainability in economics, Hewson consistently proves that she can transform the often-intimidating jargon of finance into compelling, understandable narratives. Her commitment to enhancing financial literacy and her dynamic presence on stage make her an invaluable asset to any event, resonating with a wide range of audiences from industry professionals to the general public.

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