Dani Gordon Keynote Speaker

  • Double board certified medical doctor
  • World leading neuro wellness expert
  • Co-founded the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society (MCCS)

Dani Gordon's Biography

Dr Dani Gordon is a double board certified medical doctor, integrative medicine physician and world leading expert in CBD, cannabis medicine, brain wellness & stress resilience.

One of the youngest physicians to become American board certified in Integrative Medicine (the newest US physician subspecialty, focused on the intersection of conventional and natural evidence-based medicine and therapeutics), she co-founded the UK Medical Cannabis Clinicians’s Society (MCCS), trained the UK’s first cannabis medicine specialists and helped set up the UK’s first cannabis medicine centres.

In 2013 she also became one of the first adopters of video telemedicine & became one of the top telemedicine physicians in western Canada providing care to remote communities.

She has lectured on medical cannabis at Imperial College, King’s College and at UCL. She also pioneered the first medical cannabis training program for medical professionals in the UK and she works as a consultant in clinical research in cannabinoid medicine, working alongside a number of global experts and researchers.

Dani’s new book “THE CBD BIBLE: Cannabis and the Wellness Revolution That Will Change Your Life” is due to be published in 2020.

She has studied mindbody medicine at Harvard, yoga and meditation extensively throughout India and southeast Asia with traditional teachers, QEEG brain scanning and EEG neurofeedback brainwave training with the top leaders in North America and also founded a neurofeedback centre specializing in burnout, peak mental performance and stress resilience.

She is featured regularly in the Sunday Times, The Guardian, Telegraph, Fast Company, Forbes, BBC radio and has been featured on the BBC and Channel 4 TV.

An experienced public speaker, Dani speaks to diverse audiences including companies, and academic institutions, on how to maximize productivity, energy levels, enhance brain and stress resilience, thrive in modern life under high pressure and live a happier, fulfilling life in her Ultra Resilience Blueprint talks and workshops.

Speaking topics:

  • The science behind stress, resilience, happiness and well-being
  • Burnout prevention and recovery
  • Productivity under pressure
  • Brain & Mental Performance
  • Cannabinoid Medicine & nootropics
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Videos of Dani Gordon

Ultra Resilience - The Hemp and CBD Expo
Ultra Resilience - The Hemp and CBD Expo
Top Healthy Tips for Brain Optimization by Dr. Dani Gordon
Top Healthy Tips for Brain Optimization by Dr. Dani Gordon

Books by Dani Gordon

The CBD Bible

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