Damian Cottle speaking

Damian Cottle Keynote Speaker

  • Commercial Training Pilot, British Airways
  • Founder, Pegasus Resource Management
  • Speaker on topics including leadership, teamwork and culture, amongst others

Damian Cottle's Biography

Damian Cottle is a Commercial Training Pilot for British Airways, the Founder of Pegasus Resource Management and a popular speaker on topics including leadership, teamwork and culture, amongst others.

Damian has 24 years and thousands of hours of flying experience. He began his career as an officer cadet with the RAF and after a year, joined British Airways as a cadet. Throughout his time with the airline, he has flown the Jetstream 41, Boeing 757, 767 and 777.

He now trains commercial pilots on how to lead teams, communicate effectively, make decisions, manage their workload and avoid errors whilst flying a highly complexed, multi million dollar aircraft at 300mph into some of the worlds busiest airports.

He is the founder of Pegasus Resource Management, a corporate training company specialising in Blackbox culture and Human Factors. In this role, Damian takes the principles used by commercial aviation and teaches other industries how they can use the same approach to make their operations safer and more efficient. He has worked with companies from the world of finance and Health care to food manufacturers and IT firms to help bring about change and enhance their operations.

As a speaker, Damian uses his knowledge, experience and invaluable lessons learnt throughout an exciting career in the aviation industry, to provide practical tips and advice for surviving and thriving in all high-pressured environments. He shares gripping events from the world of aviation to demonstrate how these were wholly avoidable and the lessons that other industries can learn from this.

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Damian Cottle's Speaking Topics

Creating a Black Box Culture

Learn how an organisation can create a culture & install systems that will enable it to gather information & learn from errors as well as your successes. Damian will explain why it’s so important to accept and embrace errors in order to identify small mistakes and adapt an operation before they become a Never Event. He will also look at how you can learn from individual successes in order to replicate these and enhance your whole operation.

Error Management and Compliance

Learn how to look ahead, identify potential risks, plan how to avoid errors and how best to mitigate them if they occur.

Decision Making under pressure

Learn how to make quick, accurate decisions whilst under pressure utilising all resources available to you either as an individual or as a team. Damian will use real life examples to show the importance of getting this right and the repercussions if you don’t.

Effective Leadership and Teamwork

Learn why creating the right tone and seniority gradient is crucial to creating an environment where every member of a team is involved in creating a safer, more efficient and compliant operation.

A Just Culture

Learn how to create a culture where people are confident to speak up and report their mistakes without fear of punishment in order to learn from errors and prevent them being repeated.

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Videos of Damian Cottle

Black box culture - Damian Cottle
Black box culture - Damian Cottle

Comments & Testimonials

"Damian has presented at several of our national NHS conferences. On every occasion he has delivered a bespoke presentation to our audiences and on every occasion the delegate feedback has been excellent. Damian is very easy to work with, he is reliable, friendly, and passionate about what he does."
Marie Cherry Project Support Manager, National Performance Advisory Group
"While I was head of marketing for a global medical device company, we brought Damian in as a speaker on events based around healthcare safety and efficiencies. Damian always gave a very interesting and insightful perspective, drawing on his years as an aircraft pilot. Delegate were captivated by the events Damian described and his feedback was always excellent. His knowledge and ideas around processes and mitigating risk are thought-provoking and transferable. Not only in healthcare and aviation, but in many walks of life. He brings the topics to life and keeps audiences engaged, using anecdotal true stories and real facts & figures. Damian is also a gentleman, very much a people-person, reliable, and always willing. I would not hesitate in recommending Damian as a speaker or consultant."
Steve Eames Sales & Marketing Leader

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