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Covid 19 – Public Health Perspectives

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A curated list of articles written by some of our top speakers on the healthcare consequences of the Covid 19 pandemic

As all schools, bars, public areas and events shut down all across many countries, the role of public healthcare has never been more important.   Saving lives and preventing the spread of the virus is the priority.  Also critical is search for effective treatments and a vaccine for longer term safety.   There also is  a real concern for healthcare professionals on the frontline of the fight against Covid-19.

We work with many experts in these areas ; policy makers, public health advisers, scientists and health reporters.   Their views and expertise has never been more important and they are willing to share these with you.  We have compiled a list of people who are making active contributions to the body of knowledge on these subjects, these are listed below in the order they have been published.

Contributors include;

Jeremy Hunt  (@Jeremy_Hunt)– former Health Minister and Foreign Minister and current Chair of the Commons Health and Social Care Select Committee in the UK parliament – he was among the first to call for a quicker response by government.

Pallab Ghosh  – BBC’s Science Correspondent – covering ongoing efforts to stem the spread and to find effective treatments for the ill.

Epidemiologist Larry Brilliant  led the WHO team that eradicated Smallpox.   In recent years, he predicted a new pandemic, where “a billion people would get sick and as many as 165 million people would die”, causing a global recession and depression and an economic cost of $1 to $3 trillion.  Read his interview below in WIRED.

Global Health Consultant, Alanna Shaikh  (@alanna_shaikh) filmed a TED talk in early March  “Coronavirus is our future”.  This has had 7 million views in less than three weeks.   As stated by her,  a solution lies in building the global health system to support health care functions in every country in the world. 

Stephen Trzeciak and Anthony Mazzarelli share their expertise in Compassionomics, and emphasise that though humanity is facing extraordinary times that can bring out the worst in people, this is purely driven by fear. Together, they explain that the only way to get through the pandemic, is together.

As an expert on immunology  and inflammation, Luke O’Neill (@laoneill111) reassures that Covid-19 will be beaten. The most likely effective treatments for coronaviruses are from the drugs that work on inflammatory conditions.   Luke is also keeping pace with the race for a vaccine and on the public health measures that are critical to getting through the pandemic.

Ilaria Capua (@ilariacapua) – a virologist and seasoned expert.  She explores the nature of circular health, the interconnectedness of people, animals and plants.   At the peak of the H5N1 bird flu panzootic in 2006, she provided global leadership by igniting an international debate on the transdisciplinary sharing of influenza virus genetic sequences to improve pandemic preparedness.


March 23 – 29:

Larry Brilliant: Brilliant was interviewed by WIRED. Brilliant continues to emphasise on the importance of testing. Larry Brilliant and Alanna Shaikh were featured in Vanity Fair, discussing why the world didn’t listen to the Coronavirus Cassandras. 

Stephen Trzeciak and Anthony Mazzarelli Share how we will get through the pandemic, together on Philly Voice. 

March 16 – 22 : 

Jeremy Hunt:  Featured on BBC, DailyMail, and ITV News, Hunt continues to push for more testing for Covid-19.

Alanna Shaikh : In this TEDxSMU talk,  Shaikh firmly states that this is not the last major outbreak humanity will see. It is important to note how this affects our climate too as we try to make the world more hospitable to viruses and bacteria. 

Ilaria CapuaProfessor Capua shares that “To the coronavirus, we’re just another host animal, so let’s use our intelligence” with LifeGate.

March 9 – 15 :

Pallab Ghosh: He asked on BBC News why the UK was not shutting schools like other countries.

Luke O’NeillFuture looks bright as drug companies win virus-vaccine battle in The Irish Independent. and How to Boost your Immune System to avoid colds and the coronavirus in The Irish Independent. 

Mauro GuillenHow will the coronavirus impact the economy in Fox 29.  Guillen was also featured on CNBC Television discussing Wharton’s online class offers on the business impact of the virus.

March 6: 

Ilaria Capua: Coronavirus in the US –  Feature on BBC World News.

March 1: 

Luke O’Neill: What is exactly Covid-19 and what will happen next – featured in The Irish Independent. 


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