Codey Gandy Keynote Speaker

  • Former U.S. Marine and combat leader
  • Leadership instructor, speaker, and strategic advisor
  • Director of Experiential Training at Echelon Front

Codey Gandy's Biography

Codey Gandy is a former U.S. Marine, and is currently a leadership instructor, speaker, and strategic advisor.

Codey spent just over five years working as a ground combat leader for various units in the Marine Corps. He brings unmatched experience in demonstrating combat leadership in dynamic environments, building winning teams, and developing relationships across all levels of an organization.

He brings a unique front-line perspective as he served in several levels of enlisted leadership, starting as a front-line designated marksman and finished his time in service as a Platoon Sergeant. In his role, he constantly was finding innovative ways to improve training and challenge his guys in preparation for the real-world battlefield.

Codey provides unmatched experience and a unique perspective into combat leadership, front-line leadership, and creating winning teams.

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Videos of Codey Gandy

Default Aggressive- First Responder Training
Default Aggressive- First Responder Training
Lessons in Leadership with Codey Gandy
Lessons in Leadership with Codey Gandy

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