Clint Laurent U.K.

  • Founder & CEO Global Demographics Ltd & Global Demographics Healthcare Ltd
  • Expert on global population and socio-economic trends and their impact on the world economy
  • Author of 'China’s Demographic Future and Demographics' and 'Disasters you Don't Know are Coming' (2020)


Dr Clint Laurent is an authority on interpreting the impact of global demographic change. He has been observing, analysing, forecasting and interpreting demographics for over 18 years and his company, Global Demographics Ltd, has developed substantial databases of the demographic and socio-economic profiles of countries which account for 88% of the world’s population and 93% of its GDP. His forecasts encompass 117 countries; 31 provinces; 353 prefectures, and 2278 counties/cities of China.

Clint’s analysis tracks and interprets the changing nature of populations, education profile, labour forces, households and their income and expenditure patterns right up to 2043, and the implications of that change for the economy.  His company is particularly unique in that it has developed the demographic profile and forecast for every city in China showing the changing nature of the population, workforce and incomes for each.

Global Demographics has offices in London and Hong Kong and clients in every major market. He serves as the company’s Chief Executive. In addition, the company through its subsidiary Global Demographics Healthcare Ltd., tracks and forecasts the incidence and prevalence of 101 chronic health conditions as well as health care expenditure and infrastructure generally, and forecasts the likely trends in demands on the health system globally.

Dr Laurent moved to Hong Kong in 1976, initially with Hong Kong University and then as a Director of Price Waterhouse, where he built up a market research and consultancy group.  He has a PhD in Marketing and Statistics from Bath University in the UK. And a Master of Business from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Dr. Laurent is the author of Tomorrow’s World, (Wiley 2013), China’s Demographic Future, 2015 (updated 6 monthly on Amazon).  He is currently finalising a new book Demographics – Disasters you Don’t Know are Coming. 

Dr. Laurent helps firms understand what the future market ‘shape’ will be and enable them to plan market development in time to take advantage of the opportunities as they emerge. Which countries have the highest growth in terms of your target consumer?  How might one benefit from shifting your product to appeal to a different consumer segment? Most of importantly they provide the rationale behind a strategic recommendation.

Speaking topics include:

  • Key demographic trends that influence investment opportunities – the potential or otherwise of emerging markets
  • Demographics and Economics – with specific focus on the size and productivity (capability) of the labour force and the constraints that exist in terms of size, education level, and productivity
  • Evolving Household Income and Expenditure patterns – the changing nature of ‘middle class’
  • The changing consumer – how the affluent consumer is older and is spending more of their income on ‘experiences’ rather than ‘things’.  Foretelling changing consumer behaviour and needs.
  • China’s changing demographics and the implications for consumer markets in China
  • How China is not just one market – where are the pockets of affluence?
  • Demographics/wellness and the demand for health services for the next decade – which countries are potentially going to be the key opportunities.
  • Sensitivity of market forecasts to changes in demographic trends such as immigration, female participation in the labour force, education.
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Global Demographic Trends and What They Tell Us about Latin America and the World
Global Demographic Trends and What They Tell Us about Latin America and the World


China's Demographic Future
China's Demographic Future

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