Christina Criddle Keynote Speaker

  • Technology reporter at the Financial Times
  • Former technology reporter at the BBC
  • Highly sought-after as a specialist speaker on Artificial Intelligence

Christina Criddle's Biography

Cristina Criddle is a renowned technology reporter at the Financial Times, focusing on the fast-evolving realms of AI, social media, the future of work, NFTs, and emerging technologies. Known for her investigative journalism, she has broken numerous exclusives, shedding light on significant topics such as governments launching NFTs, failures in content moderation by major tech companies, and the illegal use of NDAs within the NHS.

As an expert in the field, Cristina Criddle is highly sought-after as a specialist speaker on Artificial Intelligence. She delves into the consumer market’s integration of AI, emphasizing the widespread adoption of advanced models like Chat GPT and their transformative impact on workplaces. She raises crucial questions for humanity through her talks, stressing the importance of regulation, proactive measures, and individual agency in the ever-advancing AI arms race.

Before her role at the Financial Times, Cristina was a technology reporter at the BBC, where she contributed to various media platforms, including TV, radio, and online. Her work encompassed prominent programs such as the Today Programme and BBC Breakfast. Notably, she produced the groundbreaking BBC Three documentary “The Instagram Effect,” which featured exclusive testimonies from industry insiders, offering insights into the platform’s influence on mental well-being.

Cristina Criddle’s contributions to technology journalism have garnered widespread recognition, featuring her articles and reports in reputable publications. Her in-depth research, insightful analysis, and ability to uncover hidden stories have established her as a trusted voice in the field.

Alongside her journalistic pursuits, Cristina is actively involved in charitable initiatives and serves on boards and committees dedicated to promoting digital literacy and addressing societal challenges posed by technology.

Cristina Criddle’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Journalism, equipping her with the necessary skills for impactful reporting. Her dedication to exploring the intersection of technology and society inspires audiences worldwide as she brings to light the implications and possibilities of our rapidly changing digital landscape.

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