Christina Boutrup Speaker

Christina Boutrup Keynote Speaker

  • Asia Correspondent for national Danish TV2
  • Leading China analyst
  • Endorsed by Thinkers 50 European Business Forum

Christina Boutrup's Biography

Christina Boutrup is a China analyst, journalist, keynote speaker, author and correspondent with a wealth of experience and knowledge about the Asian market, particularly China. She is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker with a broad range of expertise about the world’s largest and most advanced digital economy. She offers insight into how Western companies and individuals should adapt to understand the digital future.

Currently based in Shanghai as the Asia Correspondent for TV2 Denmark, a subscription television channel owned by the Danish government, Christina has spent over 15 years as a television and radio host reporting on economics, business, the environment, and societal concerns throughout the Middle Kingdom. As a foremost China expert, she has closely followed the growth, development and evolution of Chinese companies as they have expanded globally into other territories and was afforded the opportunity to interview Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba. She sits on the China expert panel elected by the Danish government.

Christina is a highly revered author. Her books are inexhaustible sources and profound explorations into China’s steady and modest technological advancements and breakthroughs that are revolutionising and shaping the future for all. The Eagle, The Bear and The Dragon is a handy ebook on the US and China trade war. Christina examines the rivalry between the two nations concerning technological and global influence in the ebook and assesses Russia’s potential ambitions. China Sweet & Sour and The Red Carpet (both 2014) are, respectively, a narrative and case study business book comprised of interviews with some of the hardest workers based in China and an investigation into the tide of Chinese investment in Europe that has many businesses and politicians baffled. The Great Tech Revolution (2019) discusses how Chinese companies are world leaders in many key industries that have the potential to affect our future, 

Christina has outlined how China is at the forefront of technological innovation in her broad journalism and reporting career, including e-commerce, social media, mobile payments, solar cells and drone technology. The nation is also a global pioneer in the practical application of artificial intelligence, which will significantly impact society in the coming years.

Christina’s unbiased, objective wake-up calls concerning the world’s rising powerhouse have earned her respect and rapport among decision-makers. She is a sought-after commentator on China affairs and has delivered keynote speeches at international conferences and business forums worldwide. 

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Videos of Christina Boutrup

The Great Tech Revolution
The Great Tech Revolution
Komfo Summit
Komfo Summit

Books by Christina Boutrup

The Eagle, Bear and Dragon
Christina Boutrup Speaker
China Sweet & Sour
Christina Boutrup Speaker
The Red Carpet - The Chinese Advance in Europe
Christina Boutrup Speaker
The Great Tech Revolution. How China is Shaping Our Future

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