Christiane Vejlø Keynote Speaker

  • Digital Trends & Ethics expert
  • Member of the Danish Prime Ministers Disruption Council
  • Director

Christiane Vejlø's Biography

Christiane Vejlø is a Digital trends & Ethics expert and one of Europe’s leading speakers on the relationship between humanity and tech. As an adviser to the Danish government and international top firms, she is a passionate advocate for ethics in the digital space.

Christiane is a humanist with an academic background in comparative religion and media studies and 15 years of leading positions in tech, telecom and start ups.  From her base in Copenhagen she functions as an acknowledged digital trend analyst, strategic adviser and keynote speaker – guiding both CEOs, boards and the danish government to the digital future.

She holds several advisory and board roles. As chairman of expert group on data ethics for the danish ministry of business, as a member of the Danish Prime Ministers Disruption Council, on the board of Copenhagen Business School Executive department, of Copenhagen Opera Festival and of the Danish listed start up Conferize. Christiane Vejlø is focused on how companies, governments and individuals take responsibility and make sure the transition into the digital era happens in humanity’s best interest.

Vejlø is behind the award winning tech blog, she hosts her own award winning tech show on national radio, she is a sought after keynote speaker and chairwoman of the government appointed Expert group on Data Ethics.

Christiane Vejlø holds a Masters degree in Media Studies and has a professional background with leading positions in media- and telecom. She specializes in digital trends and digital user behavior and her work is anchored in the interaction between humans and technology.

Vejlø also moves in the intersection between fashion and technology/wearables, and she is behind the world’s first truly functional truly stylish handbag- the Knomo Elektronista digital clutch recommended by WIRED, ELLE, COSMOPOLITAN, USA Today and many more.    As an investor, Vejlø focuses on digital start ups, internet of things and wearables.

In 2015, Christiane Vejlø was added to the prestigious Danish edition of “Who’s Who?” (Blå Bog). More than 70.000 people follow Christiane Vejlø on social media.

Her latest book, “The Good Idea – responsible innovation for the future” which focuses on an overview of the most important social and business trends of the post-pandemic era, how to turn a crisis into an innovation opportunity, the answer to why it’s hard to think new and how to do it anyway, the formula for how to put together the strongest innovation team, and thoughtful inspiration that forces your brain to new places. It especially focuses a completely unique hands-on tool for developing The Good Idea.

Speaking topics include:

  • What do we do? Digital user behavior
  • What should we do? Data ethics
  • Who are we? What values guide us as human beings living with tech?
  • What does the future bring? Cutting edge technology and what it means
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Videos of Christiane Vejlø

Futurist Keynote
Futurist Keynote

Books by Christiane Vejlø

The Good Idea - responsible innovation for the future

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