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  • Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Appointed JPL's first Principal Scientist for Data Science
  • Distinguished technologist and prominent figure in the fields of data science and artificial intelligence

Chris Mattmann's Biography

Dr. Chris Mattmann, Ph.D., is a distinguished technologist and a prominent figure in the fields of data science and artificial intelligence. Dr. Mattman talks on the complexities of big data and the innovations driving AI forward, offering invaluable insights into the technological landscapes of both today and tomorrow.

Currently, Dr. Mattmann holds pivotal roles at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) as the Division Manager of the Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, and Innovative Development Organization in the Information Technology and Solutions Directorate. As JPL’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, his responsibilities extend to overseeing advanced IT research, as well as the infusion and evaluation of cutting-edge open-source technologies.

In a trailblazing move, Dr. Mattmann was appointed JPL’s first Principal Scientist for Data Science, a role that celebrates his exceptional contributions to scientific and technical knowledge. His 23-year tenure at JPL boasts a legacy of designing and implementing revolutionary data processing systems for pivotal Earth science missions, including those for NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory, NPP Sounder PEATE, and the Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) projects.

Dr. Mattmann’s expertise is not just limited to his work at NASA. His research has attracted support from notable agencies such as DARPA, DHS, NSF, NIH, and NLM, and he has engaged in profitable ventures with the private sector. His pioneering spirit was evident as the first VP of Apache OODT, leading its successful integration into the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), a testament to his leadership and vision.

His commitment to open source is unwavering, as evidenced by his tenure on the Board of Directors at the ASF from 2013 to 2018. Dr. Mattmann has significantly contributed to Apache Nutch and the inception of Apache Hadoop. His brainchild, the Apache Tika framework, stands as a testament to his innovative foresight, revolutionizing content analysis and data analytics.

An esteemed author, Dr. Mattmann’s latest contribution to literature is a well-received book on “Machine Learning for TensorFlow, 2nd edition,” published by Manning Publications, solidifying his status as an authority in artificial intelligence.

At the University of Southern California (USC), Dr. Mattmann holds the role of Director for the Information Retrieval & Data Science (IRDS) group, simultaneously serving as an Adjunct Research Professor. His research has notably advanced the understanding of the Deep Web and Dark Web, culminating in the DARPA MEMEX project’s critical role in the investigative journalism that led to the Panama Papers revelation, which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in Journalism in 2017.

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Chris Mattmann's Speaking Topics

  • AI Unlocked: Navigating the Legal Landscape of Tomorrow

Step into the world of AI with Dr. Chris Mattmann, as he unveils its evolution, current landscape, and the unprecedented opportunities it presents, especially in the legal domain. From the historical milestones to the ethics and governance of AI, attendees will grasp the profound impact of 'Data as the new Oil' and open-source computing. Delve into the sensory and perception capabilities of AI and its direct influence on legal practices. This presentation will equip you with the knowledge to confidently navigate the legal challenges and opportunities of the AI-driven future.

  • AI Unveiled: Shaping the Next Era of Entertainment

Discover the future of entertainment with AI insights from the frontlines of innovation. In this eye-opening session, Dr. Chris Mattmann, a renowned AI expert, decodes how artificial intelligence is not just changing the game but becoming the game in entertainment. Learn about the symbiosis of AI with creative industries, its impact on production and consumption patterns, and why understanding its capabilities and limitations is crucial. Attendees will walk away with a clear vision of AI's role in the next era of entertainment, armed with knowledge to harness its power for creative and business success.

  • AI's Double-Edge: Combatting Disinformation in the 2024 Elections

Join Dr. Chris Mattmann, AI luminary and author of 'Machine Learning with TensorFlow', as he explores the battleground of AI and disinformation in the upcoming 2024 U.S. elections. In this pivotal talk, attendees will dissect how AI algorithms can both generate and detect falsities, learning to discern truth in an era of digital deceit. Dr. Mattmann will share strategies to leverage machine learning for safeguarding information integrity, ensuring a well-informed electorate. Participants will leave empowered with AI tools and ethical frameworks essential for defending democracy and shaping a truthful narrative in our interconnected world.

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Videos of Chris Mattmann

International Expert in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Chris Mattmann
International Expert in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Chris Mattmann
Meet CLA's Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker I Dr. Chris Mattmann
Meet CLA's Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker I Dr. Chris Mattmann

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