Chris Giles Keynote Speaker

  • Economics Commentator, Financial Times
  • Insight and Foresight on Key Economic Trends in Europe and Beyond
  • Helping Business Leaders grapple with key economic analysis

Chris Giles's Biography

Chris Giles has been at the forefront of analysis on the national and global economy for many years.  He is the FT’s economics commentator  He writes a fortnightly column and the weekly newsletter, ‘Chris Giles on Central Banks’ Previously, he was economics editor and served as a leader writer. In 2023, he became an Honorary professor of practice at UCL Policy Lab.

During his tenure at the Financial Times he has been uniquely privileged in his access to the major facts in economics and his influence on their worldwide perception.    Chris offers a clear view of today’s economy at any scale — be it the whole world, the UK or Europe.

Giles brings extensive experience on-the-ground economic knowledge and insights in his talks. He is skilled as a keynote speaker, panelist, or moderator.  He can speak with assurance and depth on matters relating to global trends, the UK economy, its relationship inside Europe, drawing out the links and common themes. He has spoken and moderated at the IMF, Davos, and the World Bank, among others.  He has also worked with leading corporate firms in Europe, the US and in Asia.

Chris brings a deep understanding of the crucial factors of the economy — interest rates, inequality, innovation, productivity and public finances — and their roles in shaping the landscape in which business operates.

His accessible style steers clear of dry economic presentations, bringing the subject of economics alive to a general audience with anecdotes and the most up to date information. Before the FT, he worked for the communications regulator Ofcom, reported for the BBC, and served for seven years as an economist with the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

During his career, he has been awarded;

  • Royal Statistical Society’s prize for excellence in journalism in 2008 and 2012
  • Business Journalist of the Year in 2012
  • Senior Wincott Award for financial journalism in 2015, the most prestigious UK prize in economics journalism
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Chris Giles's Speaking Topics

Speaking Topics Chris tailors each presentation to the needs of the audience and is not limited to the topics listed below. He can deliver a keynote talk, participate in a panel or to moderate high level discussions. Please ask us about any subject that interests you.

Economic Outlook – UK, European, Regional, Global International Trade Tensions, Central Banking, Inflation– the road ahead

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Videos of Chris Giles

SMMT Summit
SMMT Summit
Doha Forum
Doha Forum
Chris Giles, Economics Editor, Financial Times - Economic Overview SMMT Summit
Chris Giles, Economics Editor, Financial Times - Economic Overview SMMT Summit

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'Chris, just to say thanks again for yesterday - the feedback from the event has been great. We might do something similar next year to look back on what's to come'
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