Chris Deaver and Ian Clawson Keynote Speaker

  • Authors of Brave Together, which was featured in The Next Big Idea Club with Malcolm Gladwell and Adam Grant
  • Founders of BraveCore, Leadership Coaches & Culture Shapers
  • Co-Hosts of the popular podcast "Lead with a Question"

Chris Deaver and Ian Clawson's Biography

Chris Deaver is a culture shaper, co-founder of BraveCore, and co-host of the Lead with a Question podcast. He’s coached C Level Executives & influenced Fortune 500s from the inside out, and has spoken at Fast Company, Apple, Disney, and ComicCon.

Chris is co-author of Brave Together: Lead by Design, Spark Creativity, and Shape the Future with the Power of Co-Creation (McGraw-Hill), featured in The Next Big Idea Club (with Malcolm Gladwell and Adam Grant), as INC.’s Top 5 Books for Transforming Business, in Big Think, and Forbes. He’s a regular contributor to Fast Company, featured in The Wall Street Journal and  Entrepreneur.

Deaver has had the dream career, working with inspiring teams at Apple that shaped iProducts while influencing a culture shift from “Thinking Different” to “Working Different Together.” At Disney he contributed to the people and product integrations during the acquisition phases of Marvel and Lucasfilm which lead to innovative Star Wars experiences found at theme parks.

His prior culture work at Dell was tied to the core group that started GenNext, a platform for connecting next-generation thinkers and innovators. They successfully launched a think tank and ideation event called GameChangers that continues to this day.

Chris gained his love for leadership principles when he co-founded a startup and mentoring network with Stephen Covey. Through BraveCore he continues to advise startups and coach leaders contributing to 10x growth.

Chris earned his MBA and is a guest lecturer at the Marriott School at BYU.

Ian Clawson helps leaders build cultures people love as a co-founder of BraveCore. He is co-author of Brave Together: Lead by Design, Spark Creativity, and Shape the Future with the Power of Co-Creation (McGraw-Hill) and is co-host of the Lead with a Question podcast. An advisor to startups and accelerator programs, he has contributed to culture shaping and organizational growth through leadership coaching.

Over the past decade, Clawson has led large teams and culture change initiatives in the healthcare industry. As an Administrator he oversaw a multi-million-dollar skilled nursing facility operation in Silicon Valley that helps the sick and elderly recover from challenges.

A regular contributor to Fast Company, his work has also been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, INC, The Next Big Idea Club, USA Today, The NY Post, Big Think, Influencive & Disrupt Magazine.

Ian is also co-founder of StoryCircle, a development studio focused on cocreation, world building & original storytelling acting as a lead writer and story architect. He has a past life in the field of sales and marketing with a copywriter skillset and a passion for connecting products to consumers.

Ian earned a degree at BYU-Hawaii in International Cultural Studies where he developed a high interest in World Philosophy and Communication Theory.

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Chris Deaver and Ian Clawson's Speaking Topics

  • The Future of Work: Being Brave Together

Many people feel overwhelmed by the world’s push to achieve more, to have more and we allow fear to hold us back. Yet, we can see a collective future powered by principles. If fear is our baseline experience—the dread of the unknown, fear of missing out, and the pain of going it alone; then to move forward we must embark on a co-creative journey. Let us demonstrate the first steps it takes to develop a co-creative mindset.

  • How to Reimagine Meetings

Why are most meetings so terrible? Many of us experience meetings as downloads sessions, data dumps, with no real listening. They offer nothing inspiring, just a loaded or directionless agenda. Leaders and teams can inspire each other with brave conversations like they do at Pixar. To make this shift in your meetings we will discuss the importance of leading with questions to help a team feel more connected, activated, and aligned.

  • How to Create Brave Space

A brave space makes it possible for people to experience shared flow and selfless work. It enables us to be vulnerable and respectful as we live out our creative identity. Brave space is the skunk works for today, applicable to any domain. Co-creation isn’t exclusive to leaders; anyone can engage this way as peers or colleagues or with different departments. We will show you the key principles to help ignite a culture of collaboration.

  • Supercharge Culture with Co-Creation

What if we we’re brave enough to build cultures people love? Shift broken cultures into brave ones. Explore the approach it took to ignite Apple’s transformative “working different together” mantra. We offer a futuristic framework that captures the building blocks of culture. In this session, we will cover what is needed to unlock the best work of your people, helping your customers feel more connected to your brand and growing the business 10x+.

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Videos of Chris Deaver and Ian Clawson

Bravecore Shares Their Methodology for Co-Creation in the Workplace
Bravecore Shares Their Methodology for Co-Creation in the Workplace
BE BRAVE | Interview with Chris Deaver and Ian Clawson
BE BRAVE | Interview with Chris Deaver and Ian Clawson
Future of Bravery | Chris Deaver
Future of Bravery | Chris Deaver

Articles, Media & Podcasts

Books by Chris Deaver and Ian Clawson

Brave Together
Brave Together

Comments & Testimonials

"An entirely new experience. Discover how to work creatively together
Fast Company
"Co-creation in hyperdrive...Take it from teamwork gurus behind Apple and Star Wars -- a new kind of psychological incubator will allow your creativity to flourish
Big Think
"Deaver and Clawson know a thing or two (and a lot more) about what works best in the workplace."
"A deep exploration into how we can live and lead as co-creators, the book is filled with unexpected stories, powerful principles and a future-oriented framework. Deaver and Clawson coach leaders on how to reimagine their approach to culture and convert creative ideas into billion-dollar solutions with the help of defined patterns."
SHRM Magazine
"Brave Together challenges the status quo of leadership, work, and culture to carve out a brighter, future-oriented framework. The authors include various solutions throughout the book to help readers leave hustle culture behind and lead as co-creators."
TD Magazine
"The leadership we need in the future is about inspiring hearts, unleashing human magic, and building purposeful organizations together. If, like I do, you believe this, you MUST read Brave Together as you will find that it is such a helpful guide."
Hubert Joly Former CEO of Best Buy and Harvard Business School faculty

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