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Chenyu Zheng's Biography

Chenyu Zheng, a Chinese born global citizen, is the best-selling author of “606 Days Without a Lease”. She is a self-identified artist with a business sense, marketer with empathy at heart and a lifestyle trailblazer with a fan-base of over 300k. She specialises in bridging China and the rest of the world through culture, innovation, and talent via multimedia, thought-leadership and cross-border collaboration.

 Zheng graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, and a certificate in Environmental Studies and studied abroad at Oxford University. Her aim to bridge China and the rest of the world together through an integration of culture and technology has led her to become an expert in Chinese market entry. She is crucial in providing consulting services for market entry and corporate accessibility in China and helps Western companies understand the Chinese market. She has dedicated six years working on bringing Western companies to China and co-founded Whisper China in collaboration with Tencent in Shenzhen. She later joined Uber as Product Marketing Manager for China Partnerships.

Her lifestyle experiment, which inspired her book, “606 Days Without a Lease”, where she fully embraced the sharing economy whilst living in Airbnbs around the world for 60 days. She explored various formats of homes, belonging and identity. Additionally, Zheng actively runs a popular blog, “Apple Sister” (苹果姐姐) writing about healthy lifestyle, including food, travel, yoga, and meditation.  Her motto in life is “live life to the fullest” and “Be a dreamer who takes action.” She also posts  articles on LinkedIn and Medium, focusing on topics that touch upon trending topics in China , such as the new age of consumerism and entrepreneurs in China, China strategy for foreign brands . She is a regular inspirational speaker and has been a guest lecturer at Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu and at Airbnb Open.

 She is a columnist for leading tech and lifestyle publications in China, and also runs her own media studio, collaborating with conscious and sustainable lifestyle brands, such as Airbnb, Oatly , and TOMS Her experiences and innovative methods have led her to appear in CBC , HuffPost, China Travel Channel, Cosmopolitan China, Cityzine, Hainan Airlines and many other national and international media outlets. She was invited to speak at TEDxFerhadija, where she shared her insightful experience on “Designing your own life”.

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Designing your own life | Chenyu Zheng | TEDxFerhadija
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Analyse Asia Podcast | Uber China Mafia with Chenyu Zheng

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