Charles Ebinger Keynote Speaker

  • Expert on US and international energy markets
  • Expert on the geopolitics of energy
  • Director, Energy Security Initiative, Brookings Institution (2008-2014)

Charles Ebinger's Biography

Charles K. Ebinger is a senior fellow in the Energy Security and Climate Initiative at the  Brookings Institution in Washington DC. He served as the Initiative’s director from 2008 to October of 2014.

He has more than 35 years of experience specialising in international and domestic energy markets (oil, gas, coal and nuclear) and the geopolitics of energy, with a particular focus on the Middle East, South Asia, Africa, the Arctic and Antarctic.

Charles has served as an energy policy advisor to over 50 governments on restructuring their state-owned energy sectors, privatisation and the creation of regulatory regimes. He is an adjunct professor of electricity economics at Johns Hopkins Nitze School and is one of the Nuclear Energy Institute’s Nuclear Energy Experts.

His past positions include: Senior Advisor, International Resources Group (2003-08); Vice President for Middle East and South Asia, Nexant (2000-03); Vice President for International Energy Group, Stone and Webster Management Consulting (1999-2000); Executive Vice President, International Resources Group (1987-99); Senior Advisor, Putnam, Hayes and Bartlett, (1987-88); Director of the Energy Programme, Georgetown University’s Center for Strategic and International Studies (1979-87); Vice President, Conant and Associates (1976-79); Foreign Affairs Officer, Federal Energy Administration (1975-76).

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Videos of Charles Ebinger

LNG Boom international market and geopolitical consequences (2014)
LNG Boom international market and geopolitical consequences (2014)
The U.S. Has the Resources to Become the World's Largest Energy Exporter (2013)
The U.S. Has the Resources to Become the World's Largest Energy Exporter (2013)

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